Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 5 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 5 2022 Answers:

Airport screening org. 3 letters TSA
Out of control 4 letters AMOK
Appear ominously 4 letters LOOM
Pioneering ISP 3 letters AOL
Kid’s plea 4 letters CANI
The Music Man setting 4 letters IOWA
Oafs 8 letters LUMMOXES
Daniel Craig role 4 letters BOND
Homeland star Danes 6 letters CLAIRE
Devious 3 letters SLY
ER workers 3 letters RNS
Persuades 6 letters COAXES
Track races 5 letters HEATS
Wee dollop 3 letters DAB
Goat’s plaint 3 letters MAA
Symphonic gp. 4 letters ORCH
Sleep acronym 3 letters REM
Dick Tracy’s love 4 letters TESS
Consumed 3 letters ATE
Chignon 3 letters BUN
Walking sticks 5 letters CANES
Persian king 6 letters XERXES
Mined-over matter 3 letters ORE
Ordinal suffix 3 letters ETH
Blue hue 6 letters COBALT
Hoodlum 4 letters GOON
Defeats cleverly 8 letters OUTFOXES
Mexican money 4 letters PESO
Worry 4 letters FRET
TV’s Longoria 3 letters EVA
Mideast gulf 4 letters ADEN
Belongs 4 letters FITS
Knight’s address 3 letters SIR
Body powder 4 letters TALC
Satan’s purchase 4 letters SOUL
— mater 4 letters ALMA
Squirrel’s stash 6 letters ACORNS
High points 5 letters MAXES
Low digit 3 letters ONE
Big-screen airer of stadium smooches 7 letters KISSCAM
Tripoli’s land 5 letters LIBYA
Tic-tac-toe win 3 letters OOO
Possess 3 letters OWN
Irate 3 letters MAD
Wharton’s House of — 5 letters MIRTH
Arcing tennis shot 3 letters LOB
Marvel superheroes 4 letters XMEN
Lighten 4 letters EASE
Get lippy 4 letters SASS
Deception 4 letters HOAX
Deco artist 4 letters ERTE
Computer brand 4 letters ACER
Lion’s home 3 letters DEN
Exit in haste 7 letters RUSHOFF
Cardio-boxing routine 5 letters TAEBO
Wager 3 letters BET
Seals and — (soft rock duo) 6 letters CROFTS
Noble gas 5 letters XENON
Group of eight 5 letters OCTET
Chopping tools 4 letters AXES
Jeans maker Strauss 4 letters LEVI
Romanov ruler 4 letters TSAR
Transcript no. 3 letters GPA
British ref. work 3 letters OED
Sugary suffix 3 letters OSE

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