Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Pal 4 letters CHUM
Jokester 3 letters WAG
The Mets’ old home 4 letters SHEA
Prefix with pilot 4 letters AUTO
Westworld network 3 letters HBO
Egg container 4 letters NEST
Well-versed competitor? 8 letters SLAMPOET
Toward the rising sun 4 letters EAST
So there! 3 letters HAH
Decay 3 letters ROT
Brother of Moses 5 letters AARON
Enervate 3 letters SAP
Mork’s planet 3 letters ORK
Southpaw 5 letters LEFTY
Car protectors 7 letters BUMPERS
Pac-12 team 4 letters UCLA
Favorite 3 letters PET
Sicilian peak 4 letters ETNA
Bravery 7 letters COURAGE
Bas-relief medium 5 letters GESSO
Unpaid TV spot 3 letters PSA
Tibetan bovine 3 letters YAK
Illuminated 5 letters LITUP
Dawn goddess 3 letters EOS
Ripken of baseball 3 letters CAL
Now on a memo 4 letters ASAP
Surveillance aircraft 8 letters SPYPLANE
Actress Hatcher 4 letters TERI
2016 Olympics city 3 letters RIO
Apple product 4 letters IPOD
Barking mammal 4 letters SEAL
Rm. coolers 3 letters ACS
The Mule actor Michael 4 letters PENA
Moolah 4 letters CASH
Luau dance 4 letters HULA
Hexagonal state 4 letters UTAH
Oft-tattooed word 3 letters MOM
Jubilant shout 5 letters WHOOP
Help a crook 4 letters ABET
Inherited 3 letters GOT
Preview 9 letters SNEAKPEEK
Get wind of 4 letters HEAR
Old U.S. gas brand 4 letters ESSO
Envelope abbr. 4 letters ATTN
Use a rosary 4 letters PRAY
Pitcher’s pride 3 letters ARM
Outstanding student 9 letters STARPUPIL
Ump’s call 3 letters OUT
Jean- — Picard 3 letters LUC
Author Umberto 3 letters ECO
Winter ailment 3 letters FLU
Spell-off 3 letters BEE
UFO crew 3 letters ETS
ICU workers 3 letters RNS
— Paulo Brazil 3 letters SAO
Links org. 3 letters PGA
Cleo’s slayer 3 letters ASP
React in horror 4 letters GASP
Toys on strings 5 letters YOYOS
Back muscles for short 4 letters LATS
Understood 4 letters ISEE
Skater Lipinski 4 letters TARA
Grand tale 4 letters EPIC
Superhero’s garment 4 letters CAPE
Soon poetically 4 letters ANON
Castor’s mother 4 letters LEDA
Span. lady 3 letters SRA

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