Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Martian’s ride 3 letters UFO
LAPD alert 3 letters APB
Expense 4 letters COST
Kirkuk native 4 letters KURD
Ann Patchett’s — Canto 3 letters BEL
Toledo’s state 4 letters OHIO
Frozen snow queen 4 letters ELSA
French vineyard 3 letters CRU
Unruly groups 4 letters MOBS
Loses momentum 5 letters SLOWS
Get ready briefly 4 letters PREP
Note after fa 3 letters SOL
Poker ploys 6 letters BLUFFS
Helter-skelter 7 letters CHAOTIC
Porterhouse e.g. 5 letters STEAK
Actress Goldie 4 letters HAWN
Standard 3 letters PAR
Online crafts site 4 letters ETSY
Give it —! 5 letters AREST
IRS booklet info 7 letters TAXRATE
’70s dance clubs 6 letters DISCOS
Violin tuner 3 letters PEG
Writer Philip 4 letters ROTH
Lucky number 5 letters SEVEN
Batting practice area 4 letters CAGE
Scepter 3 letters ROD
Lighten 4 letters EASE
Theater award 4 letters OBIE
Rock’s Brian 3 letters ENO
Chanteuse Eartha 4 letters KITT
Hesitate 4 letters BALK
Chest muscle 3 letters PEC
French article 3 letters LES
Guitars’ kin 4 letters UKES
Sated 4 letters FULL
Roughly 4 letters ORSO
Shark Tank network 3 letters ABC
Criminal to cops 4 letters PERP
Book jacket write-up 5 letters BLURB
Techie perhaps 12 letters COMPUTERGEEK
Discoverer’s call 3 letters OHO
Bro or sis 3 letters SIB
Lean- — (sheds) 3 letters TOS
TV series with Katie Holmes 12 letters DAWSONSCREEK
Drunkard 3 letters SOT
Golfer Ernie 3 letters ELS
Back talk 3 letters LIP
Greek cheese 4 letters FETA
Speedy 4 letters FAST
Terrier type 4 letters SKYE
Ballot dangler 4 letters CHAD
Mata — 4 letters HARI
Dazzles 4 letters AWES
Persian for one 3 letters CAT
Knock 3 letters RAP
As well 3 letters TOO
Crosses (out) 3 letters XES
Throat affliction 5 letters STREP
Sharpen 4 letters HONE
Colorado resort 4 letters VAIL
Town near Padua 4 letters ESTE
Tennis barriers 4 letters NETS
Corn core 3 letters COB
Lawyers’ org. 3 letters ABA
Baseball’s Hodges 3 letters GIL

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