Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Rug cleaner briefly 3 letters VAC
500 sheets 4 letters REAM
Nursery cry 4 letters MAMA
— -de-France 3 letters ILE
Prometheus actor Idris 4 letters ELBA
Tehran’s country 4 letters IRAN
Pottery 8 letters CERAMICS
Dweeb 4 letters NERD
Ecol. watchdog 3 letters EPA
Church meetups 7 letters SOCIALS
Mellow yellows 6 letters AMBERS
Calendar abbr. 3 letters NOV
Train unit 3 letters CAR
Actress Cattrall 3 letters KIM
Rural buildings 5 letters BARNS
Pharmaceutical 4 letters DRUG
Crosses (out) 3 letters XES
Cranny 4 letters NOOK
The Stranger author 5 letters CAMUS
Drone 3 letters HUM
Roman 1006 3 letters MVI
Judge in 1995 news 3 letters ITO
Polite denial 6 letters NOMAAM
Height 7 letters STATURE
Sunbather’s goal 3 letters TAN
Part of N.B. 4 letters NOTA
Mob bully 8 letters ENFORCER
Composer Stravinsky 4 letters IGOR
Baltic feeder 4 letters ODER
Big bird 3 letters EMU
Brady and Hanks 4 letters TOMS
Scatters seeds 4 letters SOWS
Filch 3 letters ROB
London’s Old — 3 letters VIC
Pub serving 3 letters ALE
Part of the brain 8 letters CEREBRUM
Comment 6 letters REMARK
Inventor Whitney 3 letters ELI
Grade-school basics 4 letters ABCS
Brick worker 5 letters MASON
SUV’s kin 7 letters MINIVAN
Location 4 letters AREA
Crumbly earth 4 letters MARL
Common conjunctions 4 letters ANDS
Mimic 3 letters APE
Male swan 3 letters COB
Outlet letters 4 letters ACDC
Actress Kate 4 letters MARA
Half dozen 3 letters SIX
Whatever 3 letters MEH
Lothario 8 letters ROMANCER
PBS science show 4 letters NOVA
Nonfat 4 letters SKIM
Fender instruments 7 letters GUITARS
Heat source 3 letters SUN
Rugrats dad 3 letters STU
Engines 6 letters MOTORS
Two-tone cookies 5 letters OREOS
Scratch 3 letters MAR
Tizzy 4 letters SNIT
Takeout request 4 letters TOGO
Physics bit 4 letters ATOM
Within (Pref.) 4 letters ENDO
Hardly any 3 letters FEW
Punk-rock subgenre 3 letters EMO

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