Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Inventor Elias 4 letters HOWE
Sine — non 3 letters QUA
Lend a hand 4 letters HELP
Cries of aversion 4 letters UGHS
Coffee vessel 3 letters URN
Exam format 4 letters ORAL
Breakfast order 8 letters FRIEDEGG
Comedian Fey 4 letters TINA
Shriner’s cap 3 letters FEZ
Is for you? 3 letters ARE
Whale’s home 5 letters OCEAN
Sob 3 letters CRY
Season opener? 3 letters PRE
Utter impulsively 5 letters BLURT
Pickle containers 7 letters BARRELS
Aviation prefix 4 letters AERO
Remiss 3 letters LAX
Writer Wiesel 4 letters ELIE
Biblical giant 7 letters GOLIATH
Butter up the turkey 5 letters BASTE
Melancholy 3 letters SAD
D.C. figure 3 letters POL
From Cardiff 5 letters WELSH
Petrol 3 letters GAS
Lab eggs 3 letters OVA
Athletic shoe brand 4 letters AVIA
Breakfast order 8 letters PANCAKES
April forecast 4 letters RAIN
Succor 3 letters AID
Conks out 4 letters DIES
Tizzy 4 letters SNIT
NYC subway overseer 3 letters MTA
Pizzazz 4 letters ZEST
Fit of anger 4 letters HUFF
Monster 4 letters OGRE
Brainiac 4 letters WHIZ
Jargon suffix 3 letters ESE
Ask about 5 letters QUERY
Incite 4 letters URGE
Director Lee 3 letters ANG
Breakfast order 9 letters HOTCEREAL
Toledo’s lake 4 letters ERIE
Video Games singer — Del Rey 4 letters LANA
Scheme 4 letters PLAN
Scurry 4 letters DART
Hockey’s Bobby 3 letters ORR
Breakfast order 9 letters CROISSANT
Peace (Lat.) 3 letters PAX
Purse 3 letters BAG
Author Tolstoy 3 letters LEO
Internet address 3 letters URL
Humbug! 3 letters BAH
Golfer Ernie 3 letters ELS
Torched 3 letters LIT
Observe 3 letters SEE
British Inc. 3 letters LTD
Hot tub reaction 3 letters AAH
Pear variety 4 letters BOSC
Bamboo eater 5 letters PANDA
Armed conflicts 4 letters WARS
Author Hunter 4 letters EVAN
Ovid’s 53 4 letters LIII
Pace 4 letters GAIT
Tom Joad for one 4 letters OKIE
Geese formations 4 letters VEES
Admin. aide 4 letters ASST
Shriver of tennis 3 letters PAM

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