Daily Themed Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Fat bundle of cash 3 Letters WAD
Im ___ loss for words: 2 wds. 3 Letters ATA
Cole ___ (side dish) 4 Letters SLAW
Classical ___ (period) 3 Letters ERA
Prefix with pool or pit 4 Letters CESS
We are gathered ___ today… 4 Letters HERE
Pigs home 3 Letters STY
Thats a funny joke!: Hyph. 4 Letters HAHA
Sake or sushi ingredient 4 Letters RICE
Crack open a cold one beverage 4 Letters BEER
In the ___ 2013 zombie-based TV series starring Luke Newberry 5 Letters FLESH
Divides with a comb 5 Letters PARTS
Financial ___ (help) 3 Letters AID
Top-level tennis serves 4 Letters ACES
Guy friend slangily 3 Letters BRO
The way I see it while texting: Abbr. 3 Letters IMO
Doesnt go? 5 Letters STAYS
2019 Korean zombie-based TV series starring Ju Ji-hoon 7 Letters KINGDOM
Disdainful tongue cluck 3 Letters TSK
Original Sesame Street airer: Abbr. 3 Letters PBS
City that all roads lead to 4 Letters ROME
___ it louder for the people in the back! 3 Letters SAY
Billionaire ___ Musk 4 Letters ELON
Marketing majors degree: Abbr. 3 Letters BBA
Sharp-eyed bird of prey 5 Letters EAGLE
Pepper Potts favorite metal? 4 Letters IRON
The ___ Dead 2010 zombie-based TV series starring Andrew Lincoln 7 Letters WALKING
Bulls-eye equipment for one 4 Letters DART
UN representative for short 3 Letters AMB
Juan! Look here! 3 Letters OYE
Italys highest volcano peak 4 Letters ETNA
By all means! 3 Letters YES
Dead ___ 2008 British zombie-based miniseries starring Riz Ahmed 3 Letters SET
Actor Bentley of American Horror Story 3 Letters WES
Connoisseurs collection 3 Letters ART
2019 zombie-based TV series starring Colin Ford 8 Letters DAYBREAK
Dull or nagging pains 5 Letters ACHES
Wear and ___ (natural damage) 4 Letters TEAR
___ vs. Evil Dead 2015 zombie-based TV series starring Bruce Campbell 3 Letters ASH
Rip to pieces like paper 5 Letters SHRED
Floral luau adornments 4 Letters LEIS
Prefix with nemesis or bishop 4 Letters ARCH
___ hours (just after midnight) 3 Letters WEE
Apples internet browser 6 Letters SAFARI
Online crafts store 4 Letters ETSY
Narnias Aslan for one 4 Letters LION
Time travelers destination maybe 4 Letters PAST
Simple ___ of kindness (gestures) 4 Letters ACTS
Library fillers for short 3 Letters BKS
Celebrity on a pedestal 4 Letters IDOL
Popular South Asian dumpling 4 Letters MOMO
Sign of upcoming trouble 4 Letters OMEN
Mud bath venue 3 Letters SPA
Language in Athens 5 Letters GREEK
Farewell! 3 Letters BYE
___ Clarita Diet 2017 zombie-based TV series starring Drew Barrymore 5 Letters SANTA
Spoiled and ill-behaved kid 4 Letters BRAT
___ yesterday (naive) 4 Letters BORN
…In a kingdom far far ___… 4 Letters AWAY
Chess or hopscotch e.g. 4 Letters GAME
Some attorneys degrees: Abbr. 4 Letters LLBS
Suffix with cyan or chlor 3 Letters IDE
Androids alternative 3 Letters IOS
Bill ___ small screens Science Guy 3 Letters NYE
Receive 3 Letters GET

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