Daily Themed Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Suited to the purpose 3 Letters APT
The Raven poet 3 Letters POE
Deep red stone 4 Letters RUBY
Victory gesture 3 Letters VEE
Word on a Valentines Day candy heart 3 Letters LUV
Dies ___ (medieval hymn) 4 Letters IRAE
Hair-setting liquid 3 Letters GEL
Devoured 3 Letters ATE
Self-centered (rhymes with rain) 4 Letters VAIN
___ with Fire cookbook by Michael Symon inspired by his barbeque restaurant 7 Letters PLAYING
Right-angled plumbing pipe 3 Letters ELL
___ your imagination! 3 Letters USE
Commit a blunder 3 Letters ERR
Make money say 4 Letters EARN
Fellow frat guy 3 Letters BRO
Evidence of smoking 3 Letters ASH
I know its ___ to ask…: 2 wds. 4 Letters ALOT
Cookbook by David Chang inspired by his New York restaurant chain of the same name 8 Letters MOMOFUKU
Actor Danson or Shackelford 3 Letters TED
Browne who illustrated Hi and Lois 3 Letters DIK
Polish a thesis say 4 Letters EDIT
Part of a pirates loot 3 Letters GEM
Word with cutie or sweetie 3 Letters PIE
Kitchen ___: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly cookbook/memoir by Anthony Bourdain 12 Letters CONFIDENTIAL
___-shanter (Scottish cap) 4 Letters TAMO
Lump in a Christmas stocking? 4 Letters COAL
Fraternity letter after upsilon 3 Letters PHI
Low-fat milk choice 4 Letters SKIM
___ Dome Indianapolis 3 Letters RCA
Gut-punch response 3 Letters OOF
___ Evans former judge of My Kitchen Rules 4 Letters PETE
Kittens complaint? 3 Letters MEW
Paint an Easter egg say 3 Letters DYE
A of GPA for short 3 Letters AVG
Little Bo who lost her sheep? 4 Letters PEEP
Divulge as a secret 4 Letters TELL
Theatre performances 5 Letters PLAYS
Less common belly button type 5 Letters OUTIE
Dont ___ think about it! 4 Letters EVEN
___ Cottage Cookbook cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall inspired by his brand for organic food 5 Letters RIVER
Russias ___ Mountains 4 Letters URAL
Get-out-of-jail fee 4 Letters BAIL
Kyoto currency 3 Letters YEN
Polly to Tom Sawyer 4 Letters AUNT
Sanitizer target 4 Letters GERM
Kangas kid in Winnie-the-Pooh 3 Letters ROO
How to ___ cookbook by Nigella Lawson inspired by English cuisine 3 Letters EAT
Dark drink 3 Letters ALE
Word with curtain or fishing 3 Letters ROD
___ choy (stir-fry cabbage) 3 Letters BOK
Balance sheet verifier briefly 3 Letters AUD
Enjoy a bunny slope 4 Letters SKI
Tribal home 3 Letters HUT
Impersonate comically 5 Letters MIMIC
Theyre slipped into slippers 4 Letters FEET
Absolutely slangily 3 Letters DEF
Garden figurine 5 Letters GNOME
Nobel Prize category 5 Letters PEACE
Spouses relative: Hyph. 5 Letters INLAW
Word that follows sponge or coffee 4 Letters CAKE
Opt to remove 4 Letters OMIT
College lodging for short 4 Letters DORM
Apples ___ Touch 4 Letters IPOD
Chips ___! (cookie brand) 4 Letters AHOY
My ___ in France autobiography by Julia Child inspired by her culinary experiences in France 4 Letters LIFE
Cookbook measurement for short 3 Letters TSP

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