Daily Themed Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Mars mission organization: Abbr. 4 Letters NASA
___ talk (encouraging speech) 3 Letters PEP
Brings to a conclusion say 4 Letters ENDS
Love in Lima 4 Letters AMOR
Final for short 3 Letters ULT
___ and greet (introductory session) 4 Letters MEET
2011 British period romantic comedy film starring Hugh Dancy as Dr. Mortimer Granville 8 Letters HYSTERIA
Invitation word 4 Letters COME
Moves like a kangaroo say 4 Letters HOPS
Snakes poison 5 Letters VENOM
Sword fight e.g. 4 Letters DUEL
Water-testing digit 3 Letters TOE
___ de France annual bicycle race 4 Letters TOUR
Countesss husband 4 Letters EARL
___ a boy! (labor ward exclamation) 3 Letters ITS
Sugar-loving insect 3 Letters ANT
___ race (meaningless pursuit to some) 3 Letters RAT
Tricep ___ (gym exercise) 3 Letters DIP
Sigmund Freuds domain for short 3 Letters PSY
Pre A.D.: Abbr. 3 Letters BCE
Kind of bargain 4 Letters PLEA
Yes on a ship 3 Letters AYE
Setting of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 6 Letters FOREST
Thats So ___ sitcom starring Kyle Massey 5 Letters RAVEN
Sands of ___ Jima 1949 film 3 Letters IWO
The ___ Austen Book Club 2007 American romantic drama film starring Hugh Dancy as Grigg 4 Letters JANE
The ___ Dictionary 2003 British-American romantic drama film starring Hugh Dancy as John Truscott 8 Letters SLEEPING
___-friendly software 4 Letters USER
Engine need 3 Letters OIL
With out makes ends meet 4 Letters EKES
Judges concerns 4 Letters LAWS
The R in VIBGYOR 3 Letters RED
___ we forget… 4 Letters LEST
Slangy refusal 3 Letters NAH
Sheldon Coopers love interest Farrah-Fowler 3 Letters AMY
Ships distress letters 3 Letters SOS
King ___ 2004 historical adventure film starring Hugh Dancy as Cynric 6 Letters ARTHUR
The Color ___ novel by Alice Walker 6 Letters PURPLE
Yale grads informally 4 Letters ELIS
School fundraising organization: Abbr. 3 Letters PTA
Show host 5 Letters EMCEE
Glowing gas? 4 Letters NEON
Audition tape 4 Letters DEMO
Plant stalk 4 Letters STEM
Fair-hiring initials 3 Letters EOE
Electric unit 4 Letters VOLT
Responsibility 4 Letters DUTY
___-la-la (song syllables) 3 Letters TRA
Kitchen faucet 3 Letters TAP
Clip-___ (kind of earrings) 3 Letters ONS
The best things in life ___ free 3 Letters ARE
Unoccupied 4 Letters IDLE
Knotted accessories 4 Letters TIES
Tiny conflict 4 Letters SPAT
Ciao! 3 Letters BYE
Block out as inappropriate cinematic content 6 Letters CENSOR
Push forward 6 Letters PROPEL
Declares 5 Letters AVERS
Football locale 5 Letters FIELD
Be in debt 3 Letters OWE
Tabula ___ 4 Letters RASA
All over again 4 Letters ANEW
American Independence month for short 3 Letters JUL
Fabricate as a statement 3 Letters LIE
Mike and ___ (candy brand) 3 Letters IKE
Nintendos Super ___ 3 Letters NES
Middle-eastern clock standard: Abbr. 3 Letters GST

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