Daily Themed Crossword October 20 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword October 20 2021 Answers:

Cold utterance 3 Letters BRR
Do not put all your ___ in one basket 4 Letters EGGS
Make your own beer say 4 Letters BREW
Willy who wrote The Conquest of Space 3 Letters LEY
Mentally stable 4 Letters SANE
Political assistant 4 Letters AIDE
Earl Grey e.g. 3 Letters TEA
Its too good to be ___! 4 Letters TRUE
Valentines week flower 4 Letters ROSE
Prepare the dough 5 Letters KNEAD
___ favor (Please in Portuguese) 3 Letters POR
Kilimanjaro or Everest for short 3 Letters MTN
Rhenzy ___ actor who plays Alex Wilder in the Marvel TV series Runaways 5 Letters FELIZ
Most powerful piece in Chess 5 Letters QUEEN
Snow or corn follower 5 Letters FLAKE
One-___ wonder 3 Letters HIT
High-___ (image quality) 3 Letters RES
Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita ___ 3 Letters SEN
Assumed name 5 Letters ALIAS
Allegra ___ actress who plays Molly Hayes Hernandez in the Marvel TV series Runaways 6 Letters ACOSTA
Adventure camera brand 5 Letters GOPRO
Autumn lawn tool 4 Letters RAKE
Craft brewery letters 3 Letters IPA
Gives stars to an online website say 5 Letters RATES
___ of Wight England 4 Letters ISLE
Brickmakers oven 4 Letters KILN
Austrian peak 3 Letters ALP
October birthstone 4 Letters OPAL
Twist lick dunk cookie 4 Letters OREO
Slap a legal notice against 3 Letters SUE
___ Valley California 4 Letters NAPA
Tennis court divider 3 Letters NET
Italian three 4 Letters TREE
Popular three-ingredient sandwich: Abbr. 3 Letters BLT
Smell strongly 4 Letters REEK
Actor Gosling from The Notebook 4 Letters RYAN
Real ___ agent 6 Letters ESTATE
Virginia ___ actress who plays Karolina Dean in the Marvel TV series Runaways 8 Letters GARDENER
African grazer 3 Letters GNU
Leak slowly 4 Letters SEEP
Oil container 6 Letters BARREL
___ Grande North American river 3 Letters RIO
Publishing VIPs for short 3 Letters EDS
Early hour? 3 Letters WEE
Cousin of ostrich 3 Letters EMU
On vacation 3 Letters OFF
Losing position 4 Letters LAST
Swedish furniture seller 4 Letters IKEA
Buddhist discipline 3 Letters ZEN
Ear cleaner: Hyph. 4 Letters QTIP
Close by say 4 Letters NEAR
Fairy tale witch 3 Letters HAG
Worldwide workers group: Abbr. 3 Letters ILO
The ___ Letter 1995 movie starring Demi Moore 7 Letters SCARLET
___ Barer actress who plays Gertrude Yorkes in the Marvel TV series Runaways 6 Letters ARIELA
Absorb with up 3 Letters SOP
Lyrica ___ actress who plays Nico Minoru in the Marvel TV series Runaways 5 Letters OKANO
Harden as ice-cream 3 Letters SET
Smack That rapper 4 Letters AKON
Right on a map 4 Letters EAST
Insulting comment 4 Letters SLUR
Lithium ___ battery 3 Letters ION
Massage therapists place of work 3 Letters SPA
Napkins place 3 Letters LAP
Dublins land for short 3 Letters IRE
___ Dee river 3 Letters PEE

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