Daily Themed Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Buttonless top 3 Letters TEE
URL ender usually 3 Letters COM
In the ___ of (center) 5 Letters MIDST
Youve Got Mail company 3 Letters AOL
Actor KJ ___ from Riverdale 3 Letters APA
Vegan make-up brand from Australia founded by Miranda Bond 5 Letters INIKA
___ Star Cosmetics eponymous vegan make-up brand from America founded by the internet sensation 7 Letters JEFFREE
Comic bit 5 Letters STRIP
Took charge say 3 Letters LED
Like some ski slopes 5 Letters STEEP
Volcanic fluid 4 Letters LAVA
Look of disdain 5 Letters SNEER
Entry on a list say 4 Letters ITEM
Days of ___ Lives TV show 3 Letters OUR
Swampy stretch of ground (rhymes with dire) 4 Letters MIRE
Game pop-ups for short 3 Letters ADS
The first ___ of the journey was hard 3 Letters LEG
In-flight announcements: Abbr. 3 Letters ETA
___ is more (minimalistic approach) 4 Letters LESS
Put into service 3 Letters USE
Big Easy golfer Ernie 3 Letters ELS
___ FX vegan make-up brand from Canada owned by private equity firm L Catterton 5 Letters COVER
Not clean-shaven? 5 Letters HAIRY
Cat foot 3 Letters PAW
___ Beauty vegan make-up brand from America founded by Carolyn Chen 5 Letters VESCA
Dearly loved one 7 Letters DARLING
Zodiac sign before Taurus 5 Letters ARIES
Angry reaction 3 Letters IRE
French vineyard (rhymes with gru) 3 Letters CRU
Loch ___ monster 4 Letters NESS
Formal affirmative 3 Letters YES
___ Von D Beauty eponymous vegan make-up brand founded by the tattoo artist 3 Letters KAT
___ Mahal Indian monument 3 Letters TAJ
Fair-hiring initials: Abbr. 3 Letters EOE
___ Cosmetics American cruelty-free cosmetics brand founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba 3 Letters ELF
Day ___ (creche) 4 Letters CARE
Newspaper sections: Hyph. 5 Letters OPEDS
Actress West of old Hollywood 3 Letters MAE
Male title thats usually shortened 6 Letters MISTER
Lead-in to face or weave 5 Letters INTER
In ___ straits (serious trouble) 4 Letters DIRE
Hop ___ jump (game) 4 Letters SKIP
Double ___ to like (Instagram command) 3 Letters TAP
Like a moth to a ___ 5 Letters FLAME
Dr.___ creator of Grinch 5 Letters SEUSS
___ Crime vegan make-up brand founded by Xenia Vorotova 4 Letters LIME
Keep ___ (encouragement): 2 wds. 4 Letters ATIT
___ Wang (fashion designer) 4 Letters VERA
Lymph ___ (parts of the immune system) 5 Letters NODES
Comrade in arms 4 Letters ALLY
Gangsta ___ song by Snoop Dogg 3 Letters LUV
Opposite of WNW 3 Letters ESE
Frankfurts location for short 3 Letters GER
Frightens on Halloween say 6 Letters SCARES
Significant time periods 4 Letters ERAS
Hooting bird 3 Letters OWL
___ we go again! 4 Letters HERE
Garage sale warning: 2 wds. 4 Letters ASIS
Frosts as a cake 4 Letters ICES
Cut back as expenses (anagram of reap) 4 Letters PARE
Dick ___ Dyke actor and comedian 3 Letters VAN
How-to letters 3 Letters DIY
Disgusted reaction 3 Letters ICK
Organization that publishes American Hunter: Abbr. 3 Letters NRA
___ feeling (intuition) 3 Letters GUR

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