Daily Themed Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Pick up as weights 4 Letters LIFT
Infomercials for short 3 Letters ADS
___-dropping moment (shocking) 3 Letters JAW
Skunks defense 4 Letters ODOR
Used a chair say 3 Letters SAT
Formally surrender 4 Letters CEDE
Ken to Barbie 4 Letters BEAU
Elton Johns title 3 Letters SIR
Tree-anchoring part 4 Letters ROOT
___ and pepper 4 Letters SALT
Framed in a way: Hyph. 5 Letters SETUP
___ Polloi (the masses) 3 Letters HOI
The ___ of Odds American TV game show hosted by Alex Trebek between 1973 and 1974 6 Letters WIZARD
Witch from a fairy tale 3 Letters HAG
Out of place 5 Letters AMISS
Sally Fields Norma ___ 3 Letters RAE
The Monkees ___ Believer: 2 wds. 3 Letters IMA
___ bad! 3 Letters TOO
Beats by ___ (earphone brand) 3 Letters DRE
Bulls eye hitter 4 Letters DART
9-digit ID: Abbr. 3 Letters SSN
Starchy tuber 3 Letters YAM
Supermans letter? 3 Letters ESS
Montgomery of jazz 3 Letters WES
American game show hosted by Alex Trebek during the 1980s that aired on NBC 11 Letters BATTLESTARS
Friend or ___? 3 Letters FOE
Dry as a bone 4 Letters ARID
Pitch-setting instrument 4 Letters OBOE
Ice-bucket challenge cause: Abbr. 3 Letters ALS
Flat ___ (car problem) 4 Letters TIRE
Forever Faster brand 4 Letters PUMA
Banned pesticide: Abbr. 3 Letters DDT
Word after wing or life 4 Letters SPAN
Iris holder? 4 Letters STEM
High tennis shots 4 Letters LOBS
Artists spark 4 Letters IDEA
Ranch newborn 4 Letters FOAL
To Tell the ___ American TV panel show whose longest host was Alex Trebek 5 Letters TRUTH
Beast of burden 3 Letters ASS
Orators stage 4 Letters DAIS
Scatters all over 6 Letters STREWS
American TV game show featuring quizzes hosted by Alex Trebek between 1984 and 2020 8 Letters JEOPARDY
Without further ___… 3 Letters ADO
Soaking ___ (drenched) 3 Letters WET
Actress Penelope from Vicky Cristina Barcelona 4 Letters CRUZ
___ the season… 4 Letters TIS
___ bran 3 Letters OAT
Heres what I think in text: Abbr. 3 Letters IMO
___ Rasputin Boney. Ms lyrics: 2 wds. 4 Letters RARA
Judge or think (rhymes with seem) 4 Letters DEEM
Concealed say 3 Letters HID
Doctors organization: Abbr. 3 Letters AMA
Long-snouted fish 3 Letters GAR
Apples platform 3 Letters IOS
Tetley beverage 3 Letters TEA
Stockholms land 6 Letters SWEDEN
Nintendos Super ___ 3 Letters NES
Facts and figures for short 5 Letters STATS
Las Vegas ___ (famous road) 5 Letters STRIP
Halts 5 Letters STOPS
My ___ Friends Wedding (Julia Roberts starrer) 4 Letters BEST
Turkish currency 4 Letters LIRA
To border on 4 Letters ABUT
It wasnt built in a day proverbially 4 Letters ROME
A-line line 4 Letters SEAM
Passing trend 3 Letters FAD
As ___ as the hills 3 Letters OLD

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