Daily Themed Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

Wheels rented on moving day 3 Letters VAN
Future asttorney exam: Abbr. 4 Letters LSAT
Honois country informally 3 Letters NAM
Lo and behold! 3 Letters OHO
Nappers disturbance 5 Letters NOISE
Tennis zinger 3 Letters ACE
Family Ties theme song by Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams: 2 wds. 9 Letters WITHOUTUS
Clinic workers: Abbr. 3 Letters MDS
Granola grain 3 Letters OAT
Blodd-sucking worm 5 Letters LEECH
Beats by __ (headphones brand) 3 Letters DRE
Tree fluid in a forest 3 Letters SAP
Instant lawn unit 3 Letters SOD
Stranger Things waffle brand 4 Letters EGGO
Cause for a back scratch 4 Letters ITCH
Be tangent to 4 Letters ABUT
Everywhere __ Look Full House theme song sung by Jesse Frederick 3 Letters YOU
__polloi (ordinary folks) 3 Letters HOI
Come and Knock on our __ Threes Company theme song sung by Ray Charles and Julia Riker 4 Letters DOOR
Type of quiz or star 3 Letters POP
Breathe like a tired runner 4 Letters PANT
Superlative suffix 3 Letters EST
Sound in the head? 4 Letters SANE
Post-swim drier 5 Letters TOWEL
Tiny particle of dust say 5 Letters SPECK
Come again? 3 Letters HUH
__ you! (game challengers words): 2 wds. 5 Letters IDARE
Corgi comment 3 Letters YAP
Sculpture material maybe 3 Letters ICE
__ On Up The Jeffersons theme song sung by Janet DuBois 5 Letters MOVIN
NHLer nicknamed Hockey Bobby 3 Letters ORR
__ Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways poem by William Wordsworth 3 Letters SHE
Jewelers stone 3 Letters GEM
Sci-fi movie vehicle often: Abbr. 3 Letters UFO
Cross my heart e.g. 3 Letters VOW
Hawaiian tuna 3 Letters AHI
Say __ plastic: 2 wds. 4 Letters NOTO
Buds bud in old comedy 3 Letters LOU
Use a bar stool 3 Letters SIT
Sun Devils campus: Abbr. 3 Letters ASU
Innovator Nikola __ 5 Letters TESLA
Where Everybody Knows your__ Cheers theme song sung by Gary Portnoy 4 Letters NAME
Back in Black band 4 Letters ACDC
Fry basket material 4 Letters MESH
__-Dame Paris 5 Letters NOTRE
Mary __ a little lamb… 3 Letters HAD
Prefix with pen and demic 3 Letters EPI
The Mummy Returns setting 5 Letters EGYPT
Dish served using a ladle 4 Letters SOUP
Long-faced feeling? 3 Letters SAD
Price negotiable in classifieds: Abbr. 3 Letters OBO
Two lovebirds say 3 Letters DUO
Bit of baby babble 3 Letters GOO
__ for Being a Friend Golden Girls theme song sung by Cynthia Fee: 2 wds. 8 Letters THANKYOU
Word after traffic or ice-cream 4 Letters CONE
__-and-miss 3 Letters HIT
Timber source 4 Letters TREE
__-Man (arcade game) 3 Letters PAC
Scanty as chances 4 Letters SLIM
Now Ive __ everything! 4 Letters SEEN
__Is It theme song sung by Polly Cutter in the 1975 series One Day at a Time 4 Letters THIS
That hurt! 4 Letters OUCH
Rollercoaster riders yell 4 Letters WHEE
Put away for a rainy day 4 Letters SAVE
Very proper 4 Letters PRIM
Tail-chaising animal? 3 Letters DOG
Cartoony bark 3 Letters ARF
Anti anti? 3 Letters PRO

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