Daily Themed Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Crunch targets briefly 3 Letters ABS
McDonalds Big __ 3 Letters MAC
Domesticate a beast say 4 Letters TAME
Nickelodeons bilingual Explorer 4 Letters DORA
Campfire residue 3 Letters ASH
Like courtroom testimonies 4 Letters ORAL
Emcees raised platform 4 Letters DAIS
Reggaes kin 3 Letters SKA
Flirt with one eye? 4 Letters WINK
Altar affirmation: 2 wds. 3 Letters IDO
Oboe or clarinet say 4 Letters REED
Memorize as lines 5 Letters LEARN
Envelope insert for short 3 Letters LTR
__ People 2009 film starring Adam Sandler with an iconic Thanksgiving toast scene 5 Letters FUNNY
Through in a flight plan 3 Letters VIA
To-go cup topper 3 Letters LID
Rough-terrain vehicle: Abbr. 3 Letters ATV
Cancellation charge 3 Letters FEE
Scorpius southern neighbor in the sky 3 Letters ARA
Know __ enemy 3 Letters THY
Female sibling for short 3 Letters SIS
Goodie bag goodie 5 Letters FLAVOR
Alices __ 1969 film starring Arlo Gunthrie about an arrest after Thanksgiving day 10 Letters RESTAURANT
Beer foam 5 Letters FROTH
Snow angel-makers sound 3 Letters BRR
Lockup square in Monopoly 4 Letters JAIL
Sands of __ Jima (1949 film) 3 Letters IWO
The __ 2018 film starring Nora Dunn about a Thanksgiving dinner debate 4 Letters OATH
Billy who sang Rebel Yell 4 Letters IDOL
__ Flanders Springfield resident 3 Letters NED
Modeled as an outfit 4 Letters WORE
NYC museum nickname with the 3 Letters MET
Golly! kin 3 Letters GEE
Kiplings title character 3 Letters KIM
Iclude in the mix as a recipe 3 Letters ADO
Divas feathered wrap 3 Letters BOA
__ Lanka 3 Letters SRI
Kind of jar named after a tinsmith 5 Letters MASON
Solicit answers 3 Letters ASK
A __ Brown Thanksgiving 1973 TV holiday special based on the Peanuts characters 7 Letters CHARLIE
__ Heist 2011 film starring Ben Stiller about a heist during Macys Thanksgiving DAy Parade 5 Letters TOWER
Barren and desert-like 4 Letters ARID
The __ Who Cant Be Moved song by The Script 3 Letters MAN
White-rumped deer 3 Letters ELK
Chinese or Indian say 5 Letters ASIAN
Wipe with a towel 3 Letters DRY
Pilots prediction: Abbr. 3 Letters ETA
Branch of protestanism for short 4 Letters LUTH
Green-eyed monster 4 Letters ENVY
Dieters concern 3 Letters FAT
Cops bulletproof grament 4 Letters VEST
Kind of lamp or cake 4 Letters LAVA
Cannonball metal 4 Letters IRON
Bulls-eye hitter 4 Letters DART
Lake activity that requires bait and rods 7 Letters FISHING
__the table (prepare for a Thanksgiving feast) 3 Letters SET
Feline coat 3 Letters FUR
One-way singn symbol 5 Letters ARROW
Throw in a casino 4 Letters ROLL
Welcome to my humble __ 5 Letters ABODE
Lose color as sunlight-exposed clothes 4 Letters FADE
It may lead to a prison lockdown 4 Letters RIOT
__Henson Turkey Hollow 2015 Thanksgiving TV film starring Ludacris 3 Letters JIM
__ Willie Winkie 3 Letters WEE
NASA affirmative: Hyph. 3 Letters AOK
Angle starter? 3 Letters TRI
Line at a tailor shop? 3 Letters HEM

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