Daily Themed Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Daily Themed Crossword May 9 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Daily Themed Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Hamlet part 3 Letters ACT
Lifelong pal in textspeak 3 Letters BFF
___-fi (book genre) 3 Letters SCI
Meal plan 4 Letters DIET
Like a cucumber? 4 Letters COOL
Bronzed beach effect 3 Letters TAN
It may be processed or mined 4 Letters DATA
Farming prefix 4 Letters AGRO
Noah’s construction 3 Letters ARK
Bit of wordplay 3 Letters PUN
___ Patty fictional dish featured in the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants 6 Letters KRABBY
___ Blasters fictional dish featured in the sitcom 30 Rock 6 Letters CHEESY
Rubber tree milk 3 Letters SAP
Stay-at-home-___ 3 Letters DAD
One ___ meal 3 Letters POT
Plane’s takeoff status: Abbr. 3 Letters ETD
Fat-free milk option 4 Letters SLIM
Old Town Road singer Lil ___ X 3 Letters NAS
Shot up 4 Letters GREW
Pedometer point 4 Letters STEP
Classic Pontiac muscle car: Abbr. 3 Letters GTO
She in Portuguese 3 Letters ELA
National Treasure actor Cage in tabloids 3 Letters NIC
Rum cake ingredient 6 Letters RAISIN
Big ___ Burger fictional dish featured in the action film Pulp Fiction 6 Letters KAHUNA
Strange saucer in the sky: Abbr. 3 Letters UFO
Fireman’s chopping tool 3 Letters AXE
___ out (barely made) 4 Letters EKED
Nasty stinger 4 Letters WASP
Hamilton creator ___-Manuel Miranda 3 Letters LIN
First lady? 3 Letters EVE
Special something? 4 Letters AURA
Suffix for lion or host 3 Letters ESS
Utah’s La ___ Mountains 3 Letters SAL
Tree people? 3 Letters KIN
Just ___ water (chef’s words) 3 Letters ADD
Homeland organization: Abbr. 3 Letters CIA
Vietnamese New Year 3 Letters TET
___ down (get stuck) 3 Letters BOG
Pasta lifters 5 Letters FORKS
Disney’s ___ & Ulysses 5 Letters FLORA
___ in the back (betray) 4 Letters STAB
Nutrient in rice or bread for short 4 Letters CARB
Pitch-black 4 Letters INKY
Sticky strip 4 Letters TAPE
Grand or Bryce for one 6 Letters CANYON
Best thing about a product: Abbr. 3 Letters USP
Take down ___ (humble): 2 wds. 4 Letters APEG
DJ’s stacks: Abbr. 3 Letters CDS
Linden and Holbrook 4 Letters HALS
Make changes in a document say 4 Letters EDIT
Luggage label 3 Letters TAG
Number after dos in Barcelona 4 Letters TRES
Place to get a bagel or a sub 4 Letters DELI
List at a diner 4 Letters MENU
Pastry featured in an iconic scene from Inglourious Basterds 7 Letters STRUDEL
Aquaman director James ___ 3 Letters WAN
Star Trek actor Chris ___ 4 Letters PINE
Clumsy type 3 Letters OAF
Cauldron ___ fictional dish sold on the Hogwarts Express 5 Letters CAKES
Davenport’s state 4 Letters IOWA
Smoothie leaf 4 Letters KALE
X or y on a graph 4 Letters AXIS
Coop members 4 Letters HENS
One of the Gabors 3 Letters EVA
Arctic diving bird 3 Letters AUK
___ Lanka 3 Letters SRI
Sweeping shot 3 Letters PAN

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