Daily Themed Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Mic drop sound 4 Letters THUD
___ of Empires (video game series) 3 Letters AGE
Business get-together for short 3 Letters MTG
Gambling city in Nevada 4 Letters RENO
Vintners vessel 3 Letters VAT
Altar constellation 3 Letters ARA
Queen ___ II Head of the Commonwealth who was the TIME Woman of the Year in 1952 9 Letters ELIZABETH
Kind of bulb: Abbr. 3 Letters LED
Hydrocarbon suffix 3 Letters ENE
Bald ___ (bird of prey) 5 Letters EAGLE
Serenas sport 6 Letters TENNIS
___-Cat (winter vehicle) 3 Letters SNO
Nigerian artist ___ Egonu 3 Letters UZO
Chinese-menu general 3 Letters TSO
RuPauls ___ Race 4 Letters DRAG
___ Thunberg environmental activist who was the TIME Person of the Year in 2019 5 Letters GRETA
Cricketers need 3 Letters BAT
Bon ___ (household cleaner) 3 Letters AMI
Chicken ___ king: 2 wds. 3 Letters ALA
Lennons Yoko 3 Letters ONO
Eggy Christmas drink 3 Letters NOG
Lady Tigers institution: Abbr. 3 Letters LSU
Strong winds 5 Letters GUSTS
___ Simpson Duchess of Windsor who was the TIME Woman of the Year in 1936 6 Letters WALLIS
WWII arena: Abbr. 3 Letters ETO
Fish in a poke bowl 3 Letters AHI
In-flight amenity 4 Letters MEAL
Grand Ole ___ Nashvilles weekly concert 4 Letters OPRY
August follower for short 3 Letters SEP
Free Willy predator 4 Letters ORCA
Alliance headquartered in Brussels: Abbr. 4 Letters NATO
British leaders: Abbr. 3 Letters PMS
Defense advisory group: Abbr. 3 Letters NSC
No Doubts ___ Stefani 4 Letters GWEN
Italian three 3 Letters TRE
Daughter of Loki 3 Letters HEL
Singular prefix? 3 Letters UNI
Steve Martins Cheaper by the ___ 5 Letters DOZEN
New Yorks Madison ___ for short 3 Letters AVE
Melinda ___ philanthropist who was the TIME Person of the Year in 2005 along with her husband Bill and U2 frontman Bono 5 Letters GATES
Actor Hawke of Before Sunrise 5 Letters ETHAN
Shopaholics paradise 4 Letters MALL
Leaf bearer 4 Letters TREE
Actor Josh ___ from Jobs 3 Letters GAD
Grammy-winning Sweet Love singer Baker 5 Letters ANITA
40s-50s First Lady 4 Letters BESS
Chinua Achebes Arrow of ___ 3 Letters GOD
Pull hard 3 Letters TUG
Pound of poetry 4 Letters EZRA
Christmas carol 4 Letters NOEL
Price negotiation acronym 3 Letters OBO
Go on a tirade 4 Letters RANT
Famous cookie guy 4 Letters AMOS
Rock bands booking 3 Letters GIG
Starbucks order 4 Letters TALL
___ Merkel Chancellor of Germany who was the TIME Person of the Year in 2015 6 Letters ANGELA
Heavily promote 4 Letters TOUT
Chess grandmaster ___ Williams 5 Letters SIMON
People who interact with an app say 6 Letters USERES
___ Mei-ling former First Lady of China who was the TIME Man and Wife of the Year in 1937 along with her husband Chiang Kai-shek 5 Letters SOONG
Bees cousin 4 Letters WASP
Attention gaining sound 4 Letters AHEM
They may be sealed 4 Letters LIPS
Something to open at a bank 3 Letters ACC
W.W. Jacobs The Monkeys ___ 3 Letters PAW
GPS offering for short 3 Letters RTE
…round ___ virgin mother and child… 3 Letters YON

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