Daily Themed Crossword March 5 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword March 5 2021 Answers:

Cassette successors: Abbr. 3 Letters CDS
Sports teams tally for short 3 Letters PTS
Toot ones own horn 4 Letters BRAG
Seaworthy affirmative 3 Letters AYE
Actress Reinhart from Chemical Hearts 4 Letters LILI
Lavish as accommodations 4 Letters LUXE
Reggae predecessor 3 Letters SKA
Intensely excited 4 Letters AGOG
Up to the task 4 Letters ABLE
Caroline ___ German astronomer who was the first paid female scientist 8 Letters HERSCHEL
Hair colorant 3 Letters DYE
Drenched 3 Letters WET
Be indebted 3 Letters OWE
Bread with a pocket 4 Letters PITA
___ up (absorb) 3 Letters SOP
Hibernation spot 3 Letters DEN
___ A. Williams American radio astronomer who was the first African-American woman to gain a PhD in Astronomy 7 Letters BARBARA
Mickey e.g. 5 Letters MOUSE
Santa ___ winds 3 Letters ANA
Internet connection delay 3 Letters LAG
Orange discard 4 Letters PEEL
Sixty seconds say for short 3 Letters MIN
___ Lovelace 19th century English mathematician who was regarded the first computer programmer 3 Letters ADA
College application stat: Abbr. 3 Letters GPA
___ Payne-Gaposchkin British astronomer and the woman who first explained the chemical composition of stars 7 Letters CECILIA
Marshy lands 4 Letters MOOR
Fez toque and tam 4 Letters HATS
___ talk (coachs speech) 3 Letters PEP
Star Trek: The Next Generation counselor Deanna ___ 4 Letters TROI
___-A-Fella Records (Jay-Zs label) 3 Letters ROC
Nicole ___ Parker from Soul Food 3 Letters ARI
___ Rubin American astronomer whose observations confirmed the existence of dark matter 4 Letters VERA
Almost sold-out sign in theatres: Abbr. 3 Letters SRO
On the ___ (on time) 3 Letters DOT
Folsom Prison Blues singer Johnny ___ 4 Letters CASH
The Dick Van ____ Show (1960s sitcom) 4 Letters DYKE
Char as a steak 4 Letters SEAR
John Krasinskis A Quiet ___ 5 Letters PLACE
Snug as jeans 5 Letters TIGHT
___ gin fizz (cocktail) 4 Letters SLOE
Razor insert 5 Letters BLADE
___ Payne-Scott Australian radiophysics pioneer and the first female radio astronomer 4 Letters RUBY
Wheel turner 4 Letters AXLE
___ whiz! 3 Letters GEE
Dwelling made from snow blocks 5 Letters IGLOO
Q-Tip for one 4 Letters SWAB
Typing speed stat.: Abbr. 3 Letters WPM
Organization found in bowling alleys: Abbr. 3 Letters PBA
Bond creator ___ Fleming 3 Letters IAN
___ la la (singsong syllable) 3 Letters TRA
Succumb to gravity 3 Letters SAG
With all ___ respect… 3 Letters DUE
Suffix for Japan or Siam 3 Letters ESE
First word of Dantes Inferno 3 Letters NEL
Brick Lane author Monica ___ 3 Letters ALI
Cowboys workplace or salad dressing 5 Letters RANCH
Milky gemstone 4 Letters OPAL
___ Mitchell astronomer who was the first female professor of astronomy and the first American to discover a comet 5 Letters MARIA
Morgan Freeman or Al Pacino e.g. 5 Letters ACTOR
ABBAs genre 5 Letters DISCO
Horror film staple 4 Letters GORE
Substandard 4 Letters POOR
Hearing aids? 4 Letters EARS
Apples Tablet 4 Letters IPAD
Prefix with space or plane 4 Letters AERO
TV channel that aired Jersey Shore 3 Letters MTV
Formula 1 race stop 4 Letters PIT

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