Daily Themed Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Dull routines 4 Letters RUTS
___ Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven rock band 3 Letters LED
Male without a date? 4 Letters STAG
Voluminous hairdo 4 Letters AFRO
Palindromic constellation 3 Letters ARA
Requires stitching say 4 Letters TORN
Steam engine feed 4 Letters COAL
Family four-wheeler 3 Letters CAR
Heroic tale 4 Letters EPIC
___ Room: Tournament of Champions 2021 psychological thriller movie starring Taylor Russell 6 Letters ESCAPE
Fluffy farm female 3 Letters EWE
Bards before 3 Letters ERE
___ Jam: A New Legacy 2021 sports comedy movie starring LeBron James 5 Letters SPACE
Black ___ 2021 Marvel movie on Natasha Romanoff 5 Letters WIDOW
Song syllable after Fa 3 Letters SOL
Vlogging need for short 3 Letters CAM
___ lock (PC key) 3 Letters NUM
XV divided by V 3 Letters III
Actress Gardner of The Night of the Iguana 3 Letters AVA
Lonely rapper 4 Letters AKON
Archaic without 4 Letters SANS
___ Rabbit 2: The Runaway 2021 adventure comedy movie about a Beatrix Potter character 5 Letters PETER
___ had it up to here! 3 Letters IVE
___-studded (glitzy) 4 Letters STAR
Blood-curdling feeling? 5 Letters EERIE
Spanish cheers 4 Letters OLES
Aged between 13 to 19 say 4 Letters TEEN
Make a choice 3 Letters OPT
Facts and figures collectively 4 Letters DATA
Quick office message for short 4 Letters MEMO
___ Gatos 3 Letters LOS
Like cakewalk 4 Letters EASY
2009 Oscar-winning Danny Boyle movie setting 4 Letters SLUM
Big name in ice-cream 3 Letters EDY
Marathon for one 4 Letters RACE
Saucer-shaped alien vehicles: Abbr. 4 Letters UFOS
Track down in a police investigation 5 Letters TRACE
Renewable energy type 5 Letters SOLAR
Fancy lingerie feature 4 Letters LACE
Victorian or Mesozoic e.g. 3 Letters ERA
Truth or ___ (party game) 4 Letters DARE
Like the slopes of Mt. Everest 5 Letters STEEP
___ Gun: Maverick 2022 action drama movie sequel starring Tom Cruise 3 Letters TOP
Singer Grande to her fans 3 Letters ARI
Health supplement company: Abbr. 3 Letters GNC
Nave bench 3 Letters PEW
Opposite of ENE: Abbr. 3 Letters WSW
Cambodias continent 4 Letters ASIA
Tossed item often 4 Letters COIN
Yale grads slangily 4 Letters ELIS
Writing fluid 3 Letters INK
Twosome 3 Letters DUO
Dodge model of the 80s 4 Letters OMNI
Baseballers headgear 3 Letters CAP
Street sign letters for short 3 Letters AVE
Doorstep item 3 Letters MAT
Fan ___ (celebrity portrait e.g.) 3 Letters ART
What you ___ is what you get 3 Letters SEE
Students written assignment 5 Letters ESSAY
___: Let There Be Carnage 2021 Marvel Universe movie 5 Letters VENOM
Cash dispensers: Abbr. 4 Letters ATMS
Instagrams trending video feature 4 Letters REEL
___ model (source of inspiration) 4 Letters ROLE
Apples music streaming device 4 Letters IPOD
DIYers purchasing site 4 Letters ETSY
Keats ___ on a Grecian Urn 3 Letters ODE
Mike Trouts team on a scoreboard: Abbr. 3 Letters LAA
Sci-fi characters sometimes: Abbr. 4 Letters ETS
Flightless bird from Down Under 3 Letters EMU

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