Daily Themed Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

United ___ Emirates 4 Letters ARAB
Problem for a gamer with slow Wi-Fi 3 Letters LAG
Seeks permission 4 Letters ASKS
Home to Machu Picchu 4 Letters PERU
___-BHA (skincare initials) 3 Letters AHA
O Brother Where Art ___? 4 Letters THOU
The E in CEO for short 4 Letters EXEC
___ conservation (Jane Goodalls field) 8 Letters WILDLIFE
Kith and ___ 3 Letters KIN
___ Thewlis actor who played the father in Charlie Kaufmans Im Thinking of Ending Things 5 Letters DAVID
Panhandlers request 4 Letters ALMS
Argon or Xenon commonly 3 Letters GAS
Cowboy show 5 Letters RODEO
You over there! 3 Letters HEY
___ the Builder (childrens TV series) 3 Letters BOB
24/7 auction site 4 Letters EBAY
Cartoon animation unit 3 Letters CEL
Eat ___ Love 4 Letters PRAY
Like a badly lit room say 3 Letters DIM
End of many a URL 3 Letters COM
Oliver ___ actor behind the voice in Charlie Kaufmans Im Thinking of Ending Things 5 Letters PLATT
Crow of a crow 3 Letters CAW
Mozzarella for one 6 Letters CHEESE
Fiery crime 5 Letters ARSON
Pacific ___ (2013 science fiction film) 3 Letters RIM
Toni ___ actress who played the mother in Charlie Kaufmans Im Thinking of Ending Things 8 Letters COLLETTE
Milky-white birthstone 4 Letters OPAL
Biblical Mideast kingdom 4 Letters MOAB
Unit of resistance that sounds like a meditative chant 3 Letters OHM
___ of the above 4 Letters NONE
Oscars TV counterpart 4 Letters EMMY
With all ___ respect… 3 Letters DUE
Dreamcast maker 4 Letters SEGA
King Kong for one 3 Letters APE
Oscar-winning actor Harrison 3 Letters REX
We ___ the World (song by USA For Africa) 3 Letters ARE
Jessie ___ actress who played the young woman in Charlie Kaufmans Im Thinking of Ending Things 7 Letters BUCKLEY
Gardeners concerns 5 Letters LAWNS
Hawaiian tuna 3 Letters AHI
Gadot of Triple 9 3 Letters GAL
Cartographers compilation 5 Letters ATLAS
Prison weapon 4 Letters SHIV
Former diplomat Annan of the UN 4 Letters KOFI
Sought damages in court 4 Letters SUED
1944 turning point: Hyph. 4 Letters DDAY
Texters According to me: Abbr. 3 Letters IMO
Actor West of Batman 4 Letters ADAM
Like some toothpaste or ink 3 Letters GEL
The Hunt for ___ October (1990 spy-thriller film) 3 Letters RED
Kimono sash 3 Letters OBI
Border on a piece of clothing 3 Letters HEM
Scottish hillside 4 Letters BRAE
Mares breakfast 4 Letters OATS
8 bits commonly 4 Letters BYTE
Milk source 3 Letters COW
Jesse ___ actor who played Jake in Charlie Kaufmans Im Thinking of Ending Things 7 Letters PLEMONS
Walking support for the elderly 4 Letters CANE
Honor society letter that follows Upsilon 3 Letters PHI
___ Minifie actress who played Yvonne in Charlie Kaufmans Im Thinking of Ending Things 5 Letters COLBY
___ brulee 5 Letters CREME
Wile E. Coyotes preferred supplier 4 Letters ACME
A ___ with a View (1985 film) 4 Letters ROOM
Shut forcefully as a door 4 Letters SLAM
Classic horror film director Browning 3 Letters TOD
Wednesday follower for short 3 Letters THU
Type of switch: Abbr. 3 Letters POE
Brokeback Mountain director Lee 3 Letters ANG
Grazing spot 3 Letters LEA

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