Daily Themed Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Dons Drapers __ Men 3 Letters MAD
Old organization for The Rock: Abbr. 3 Letters WWE
Money owed 4 Letters DEBT
___ G character portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen 3 Letters ALI
Guffaw syllable 3 Letters HAR
The Time Machine race 4 Letters ELOI
Brazilian carnival city for short 3 Letters RIO
Stew-thickening veggie 4 Letters OKRA
Actress Rivera from Glee 4 Letters NAYA
___ Whisper hit song by pop duo Wham! which featured in the movie Deadpool 8 Letters CARELESS
Walk-___ (like some closets) 3 Letters INS
Academic year division for short 3 Letters SEM
It actor ___ Curry 3 Letters TIM
Disneys ___ Rock 4 Letters CAMP
Supply and demand subject for short 4 Letters ECON
Prince ___ Khan 3 Letters AGA
Lee of Marvel Comics 4 Letters STAN
Hansel ___ Gretel (German title) 3 Letters UND
Poupular cosmetic brand 3 Letters MAC
Swiss peak 3 Letters ALP
Tenth month for short 3 Letters OCT
___ Christmas hit song by pop duo Wham! which topped the UK Singles Chart more than 36 years after its initial release 4 Letters LAST
Gold on The Good Wife 3 Letters ELI
Mike and ___ (fruity candy) 3 Letters IKE
___ She Wants hit song by pop duo Wham! which features in the video game GTA V 10 Letters EVERYTHING
Voila!: Hyph. 4 Letters TADA
One of the fossil fuels 4 Letters COAL
Fireflies hitmaker ___ City 3 Letters OWL
Finalize a contract 4 Letters SIGN
Sports presenter ___ White 4 Letters ARLO
Peace sign 3 Letters VEE
Greek god of war 4 Letters ARES
Bluest organ as per a Toni Morrison novel 3 Letters EYE
… have you __ wool? 3 Letters ANY
Pop singer __ Anthony 4 Letters MARC
Inter ___ (among other things) 4 Letters ALIA
Designer Christian ___ 4 Letters DIOR
___ Foods (multinational supermarket chain) 5 Letters WHOLE
___ Up Before You Go-Go hit song by pop duo Wham! which featured in the movie Zoolander: 2 wds. 6 Letters WAKEME
Slips up 4 Letters ERRS
Jeans fabric 5 Letters DENIM
Style and enthusiasm (anagram of lane) 4 Letters ELAN
Bad ___ hit song by pop duo Wham! from their debut album Fantastic 4 Letters BOYS
Actress Mowry of Twitches 3 Letters TIA
___ Martin (007s car) 5 Letters ASTON
Sports network initials 4 Letters ESPN
Delhis country for short 3 Letters IND
Civil war initials 3 Letters CSA
Second largest ocean for short 3 Letters ATL
Tourist helpdesk handout 3 Letters MAP
Davide a cake 3 Letters CUT
Like some Q&A sessions on Reddit: Abbr. 3 Letters AMA
Freon or neon e.g. 3 Letters GAS
Play a character 3 Letters ACT
Cheer for a flamenco dancer 3 Letters OLE
Word of inexactness in dates 5 Letters CIRCA
Hawaiian souvenir 3 Letters LEI
Chris ___ Captain America actor 5 Letters EVANS
Amalfi Coast country 5 Letters 5 Letters ITALY
___ Kardashian co-founder of Good American 5 Letters KHLOE
The ___ of Heaven hit song by pop duo Wham! which was their farewell single 4 Letters EDGE
Time long gone 4 Letters YORE
Super___ a stellar explosion 4 Letters NOVA
Singer Stefani 4 Letters GWEN
Airport safety group: Abbr. 3 Letters TSA
Castles in the ___ 3 Letters AIR
Willy ___ who wrote about rockets 3 Letters LEY

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