Daily Themed Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Daily Themed Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Colombo or Chicago e.g. 4 Letters CITY
Heart test: Abbr. 3 Letters ECG
Group of whales 3 Letters POD
Syllables from Santa: 2 wds. 4 Letters HOHO
___ Nidre (Yom Kippur prayer) 3 Letters KOL
Nicole ___ Parker of Soul Food 3 Letters ARI
Jacobs brother 4 Letters ESAU
Trial version of a software 4 Letters DEMO
FedEx unit number: Abbr. 3 Letters CTN
___ Monsters 1999 novel by Chuck Palahniuk which follows the story of a former model 9 Letters INVISIBLE
___ long way (be very successful): 2 wds. 3 Letters GOA
Corporate boss: Abbr. 3 Letters CEO
Initials of the 18th President of the U.S.A 3 Letters USG
Twistedly funny 3 Letters WRY
Jeffrey Archers __ and Abel 4 Letters 4 Letters KANE
Actor Bruce from Fist of Fury 3 Letters LEE
S in GPS for short 3 Letters SYS
___ Club 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk which was adapted into a film by David Fincher 5 Letters FIGHT
Short-___ memory 4 Letters TERM
High shot in tennis 3 Letters LOB
Like an antique 3 Letters OLD
Oyster bead 5 Letters PEARL
Famed singer ___ Damone 3 Letters VIC
___ Island Providences state 5 Letters RHODE
___ Kong 4 Letters HONG
1999 satirical novel by Chuck Palahniuk in which the chapters and pages are numbered backwards 8 Letters SURVIVOR
Melvilles novel which is a sequel to Typee 4 Letters OMOO
Dried grass on a farm 3 Letters HAY
Opposite of paleo 3 Letters NEO
Curly cabbage 4 Letters KALE
Bit of a giggle 3 Letters HEE
Hockey legend Bobby ___ 3 Letters ORR
Greek counterpart of Cupid 4 Letters EROS
Comedian Michael ___ from SNL 3 Letters CHE
Android rival: Abbr. 3 Letters IOS
Pattaya resident 4 Letters THAI
TVs ___ Sheldon 5 Letters YOUNG
Barely makes with out 4 Letters EKES
Dave Chappelle or Tig Notaro 5 Letters COMIC
Spinning sphere in some libraries 5 Letters GLOBE
Runners rate 4 Letters PACE
Edible scrap 3 Letters ORT
Deafening noise 3 Letters DIN
2003 modern horror novel by Chuck Palahniuk which follows the story of Misty Wilmot 5 Letters DIARY
Wedding exchange 4 Letters VOWS
Marvel character named after a Norse god 4 Letters LOKI
Final for short 3 Letters ULT
Leak out slowly 4 Letters SEEP
Actor Richard of Autumn in New York 4 Letters GERE
French fashion house initials 3 Letters YSL
It was 20 years ___ today… (Beatles lyric) 3 Letters AGO
Stanley Cup organization: Abbr. 3 Letters NHL
Planes take-off status: Abbr. 3 Letters ETD
Organization with a Most Wanted list: Abbr. 3 Letters FBI
Sportscaster ___ Albert 4 Letters MARV
___ and out! 4 Letters OVER
Horned safari sighting for short 5 Letters RHINO
2019 studio album by Taylor Swift which is another word for a romantic partner 5 Letters LOVER
2001 novel by Chuck Palahniuk which follows the story of a con man Victor 5 Letters CHOKE
Cupboard or room feature 4 Letters 4 Letters DOOR
Actor Epps of House 4 Letters 4 Letters OMAR
___ contendere (court plea) 4 Letters NOLO
Here __ nothing! 4 Letters GOES
Quiet please! 3 Letters SHH
Middle East initials 3 Letters UAE
Whiskey option 3 Letters RYE

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