Crossword Champ Pro September 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro September 24 2022 Answers:

Moonshine mix MASH
Electrical unit AMP
___ Center (Chicago skyscraper) AON
Got a whiff SMELLED
Trio of goddesses HORAE
Mil hero’s decoration DSC
Hi-___ DEF
No seats left in short SRO
Cold symptom COUGH
Small indentation POCK
Stand like an America’s Next Top Model contestant POSE
Render obsolete OUTDATE
Davis’ org CSA
Peele’s comedy partner KEY
___ sapiens HOMO
Evita for one PERON
Goat god PAN
Sweet’___ (sugar substitute) NLOW
River to the Humber OUSE
Unique person ONER
Run ____ of the law AFOUL
Mast-steadying rope STAY
Stretched out LAIN
River bordering the Olympic host cities Grenoble and Albertville ISERE
Running of the bulls result maybe GORED
Gnarly RAD
Some Chaucer stories TALES
High rocky hill TOR
Musclebound brute APE
Unstressed vowel SCHWA
Fretted instrument SITAR
Forensic drama CSI
Epoch ERA
Force unit GEE
Class for some US citizens-to-be ESL
Unlock to Shakespeare OPE
Sponsorship (Var) EGIS
Lady’s escort briefly GENT
Lavishes affection DOTES
Surgery sites briefly ORS
One end of the spectrum RED
Fastened again RETIED
Some Summer Olympics gear EPEES
God: Sp DIOS
Stagger REEL
Actress Rowlands GENA
Rip off informally GYP
Diner desserts PIES
IRS submission EFILE
May event for short INDY
British verb ending ISE
S Dak neighbor NEB
One who holds low character in his hands DEBASER
___ __ knowledge (Eden landmark) TREEOF
Ship homecoming inits EDA
Will ___ The Realistic Joneses playwright ENO
Error indication ERASURE
Me___ NUS
Hiroshima’s river OTA
Leaks slowly SEEPS
Some household heads SCI
MTV ___ (platform with Bollywood videos) DESI
Symbol of tiredness RUT
Flood’s opposite EBB
Rio residences CASAS
Smell___ ARAT
Framed (2 wds) SETUP
Capital with the Potala Palace LHASA
TV husband & wife detectives HARTS
Eager to the max AFIRE
Law-enforcement officers FEDS
Red and Black SEAS
Camera type briefly SLR
Seine tributary OISE
Spy’s covert activities OPS
In a bad way ILL
Coral ring ATOLL
Kimono accessory OBI
Author Harper LEE
Ukr neighbor RUSS
Word before and after yes in the Army SIR
NYSE code for Sara Lee SLE
Implored PLED
Jerusalem artichoke eg TUBER
Irish recruitment agency TRIL
Some cameras for short SLRS
Pandowdy eg PIE
Like desert growth SERE

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