Crossword Champ Pro September 23 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro September 23 2022 Answers:

Something one might hang in a street UEY
Year abroad ANO
Capital of Bolivia LAPAZ
Make a sharp turn ZAG
Troop grp BSA
Education assns PTAS
Lord’s worker ESNE
Org headed by George Bush in 1976 CIA
View from Arabia REDSEA
Frequent Goya subject the Duchess of ___ ALBA
Greet with pomp HAIL
Expressions of suprise OHS
Ben-___ Heston’s HUR
Strictly linear ONED
Greeting in Honolulu ALOHA
Snake’s warning HISS
Eskimo INUIT
Camel hair fabric ABA
Lad’s love LASS
Minotaur eg BAST
Metaphysician Immanuel KANT
Central line AXIS
Ballet __ RUSSE
Meat-filled pasta TORTELLINI
Ginglymus attachment ULNA
Regd Names TMS
Federal inspection gp USDA
Shakespeare’s Richard ___ III
From then on SINCE
Spinning wheel material FLAX
States (Fr) ETATS
Showman Ziegfeld FLO
Capping ATO
Styptic pencil ingredient ALUM
AAA’s opposite? EEE
Annual May announcements OBIES
Falco of The Sopranos EDIE
Virna ___ of La Reine Margot LISI
NYC time zone EST
Transgresses SINS
‘To each ___ own” HIS
Police attacks RAIDS
British ref work OED
Stable morsels OATS
Actor LaBeouf of Charlie Countryman SHIA
Albania’s cont EUR
Predatory Arctic bird SKUA
Bother continuously EATAT
And __ thou slain the Jabberwock?: Carroll HAST
What AAA can provide for a broken-down car TOW
Animal not allowed outside INDOORPET
Before salad or cup FRUIT
One ____ time (2 wds) ATA
Over overseas FINI
Chess champion Mikhail TAL
Glowing fireplace remnant EMBER
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Stubborn beast MULE
Popeye eg SAILOR
The Palace of Auburn Hills for one ARENA
Large sets of computer info DATABASES
Pastry PIE
Son of Vespasian TITUS
Affleck and Stiller BENS
Defense gp dissolved in 1977 SEATO
Part of the calyx of a flower SEPAL
He was translated into Latin ERAT
One getting messages by word of mouth? LIPREADER
Senator since 1989 LOT
Baby’s word DADA
Sydney’s country AUSTRALIA
Casual tops TEES
Admin’s domain (abbr) SYS
Word before a lot of shouting and kissing this Friday night ONE
Utilize USE
Rugmaking fiber SISAL
Decent chaps GENTS
Garlic-seasoned mayonnaise AIOLI
Second chance for couch potatoes RERUN
Neither’s partner NOR

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