Crossword Champ Pro October 6 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro October 6 2022 Answers:

Name for a Dalmatian SPOT
Tennis units SETS
Aqua ___ PURA
Mine finds ORES
Ode ___ Nightingale TOA
Cry that makes children run away IMIT
Snub in a way IGNORE
Kind of jacket MAO
You can stop trying to wake me now! IMUP
Café au lait holder TASSE
Gr letter TAU
Poise TACT
Need a massage ACHE
Red letters? USSR
Mark’s replacement EURO
Old World lizard AGAMA
First-class AONE
WWll volunteers WACS
Partitions WALLS
Eat with relish SAVOR
Ohs in Berlin ACHS
Airline to Stockholm SAS
Year in Mexico ANO
Church book PSALTER
In-flight announcement nos ALTS
Public OVERT
Unique person ONER
Stock exchange workers TRADERS
House extension ELL
It comes ___ surprise ASNO
Comparable to a beet? ASRED
Tomb marker STELE
Bush ___ (early 2000s) ERA
Friend in 7-Down AMI
Rulers TSARS
Culture media AGARS
Fix loose laces RETIE
Bygone blade SNEE
Cousins of fleabanes ASTERS
Busy as ___ ABEE
Firmed up SET
Book after Joel AMOS
UK reference book OED
___-X GEN
___ Rabbit BRER
Jockey Arcaro EDDIE
Nursing degree DNS
Detest ABHOR
Robert of ”Airplane!” HAYS
Snaky swimmer EEL
Reader founder UTNE
Chews up and spits out USES
Pet nickname DEARIE
Medical cleansing? ENEMA
Perfect places EDENS
Antelope NYALA
Some upperclassmen (abbr) SRS
Glistens SHINES
Wall Street inits NYSE
First name in the 1948 presidential race STROM
Startles SHIES
High speed phone line (abbr) ISDN
The Eternal City ROME
Mendes and Peron EVAS
French door part PANE
Met highlight SOLO
Suffix with manner or mystic ISM
Virginia college NSU
A Doll’s House wife NORA
U-boats SUBS
Lone Star State sch UTEP
Race track shape OVAL
Island in the road ROUNDABOUT
For the Boys gp USO
Present decoration BOW
Give that ___ cigar! MANA
Jimmy who works with Lois Lane OLSEN
Kill ___ killed (law of the jungle) ORBE
Compass direction (abbr) SSE
Dairy airs? MOOS
Narrow-waisted stinger WASP

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