Crossword Champ Pro November 28 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro November 28 2022 Answers:

Hush money BRIBE
Univ hotshot BMOC
Sitcom about a Texas soccer mom REBA
Believe __ __ Not! ITOR
They lead to walks BALLS
Chicago trains ELS
Aeneid EPOS
Admiral Zumwalt ELMO
Like some excuses POOR
Partners’ word OURS
Canine command SIT
Trampled TROD
Cash registers TILLS
Tabula ___ RASA
Getting ___ years ONIN
Musty DANK
Solid chemical element METAL
New Orleans’ state LOUISIANA
Oral vaccine developer SABIN
Silver coins of ancient Greece OBOLS
Murder is one MORTALSIN
Olympian Lewis CARL
Those in favor of FORS
Gov’t agency FAA
Type of stare or cartridge BLANK
Sp lady SRA
Sonoma County’s Santa ___ ROSA
Close relative SIS
Carrier to Stockholm SAS
Largest book of the OT PSA
Earnest requests PLEAS
Game stew SALMI
Electrolysis particle ANION
Crew member OARSMAN
Safari sight RHINO
Distributed (out) METED
Dental degree DDS
Paul ___ British physicist and Nobel prize winner DIRAC
Russian retreat DACHA
Dividend of a fraction NUMERATOR
Not ___ (meh) SOHOT
Toll booth accesses LANES
Highway hazard ESS
Cricket’s croak CHIRR
Makes haste HIES
Bye now TATA
How some mail-order packages arrive for short COD
Napoleon’s sister ELISA
Communication co inits ITT
Veranda PORCH
Cone holder PINE
First part of a radio comedy AMOS
Curare cousin INEE
Tax inits IRS
Schoolroom fixture DESK
Belgian river YSER
Charger HORSE
Sun Valley locale IDAHO
Transgression SIN
Well-walked on TRODDEN
___ is human TOERR
Don’t Bring Me Down rock grp ELO
Subject of a B Kliban drawing CAT
Distress call SOS
Streamlined as a sports car SLEEK
Tolstoy’s first LEO
Right at the beginning? ORTHO
Prepare for cooking as fish SCALE
Hourglass filler SAND
Puzzle piece CLUE
Cash dispensers (Abbr) ATMS
Deep laugh HOHO
Bowlers and boaters HATS
Plains tribe OTOE
Mister abroad HERR
Greek R’s RHOS
It grows on you HAIR
Hockey’s Bobby and family ORRS
Withered SERE
Take turns ROTATE
Dissenting vote NAY
Show awe in a way STARE
Educational institution (Abbr) SCH

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