Crossword Champ Pro November 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro November 24 2022 Answers:

Lhasa ___ (type of dog) APSO
Comments further ADDS
Verse writer POET
Believe it ___! ORNOT
To the point in law ADREM
Major as a road ARTERIAL
Bao ___ (former Viet emperor) DAI
Baltic state capital RIGA
Hydrocarbon suffixes ENES
More than a lot MYRIAD
Hindu religious figure SIVA
Where the buoys are SEA
Powerful engine VTEN
It comes ___ surprise ASNO
Busy sort DOER
Dylan’s no 12 & 35 girls RAINY
Fangorn denizens ENTS
University VIP DEAN
Endangered carnivore TIGER
Egyptian solar deity ATEN
Flash light? STROBE
Lose ___ whisker BYA
Without a warranty ASIS
Shut loudly SLAM
One of the Medicis UNO
Banks on the runway TYRA
Feed the kitty ANTE
High: Prefix ALTI
Venue for horse racing TRACK
Strike caller UMP
Sport-___ (vehicles) UTES
Hero’s award MEDAL
Make susceptible PREDISPOSE
Hokkaido native AINU
Junkies USERS
Scoots DARTS
High-hat SNOOT
Trillion: Prefix TERA
In ___ to the finish ARACE
Internet characters ATS
New Hampshire neighbor MAINE
Site of a historic exile ELBA
Fulda feeder EDER
Malicious looks LEERS
Easter Island natives the ___ Nui RAPA
Don’t draw in poker STANDPAT
Partner of calm and collected COOL
Co-Nobelist with Begin SADAT
VCR replacement for some TIVO
Nasty Pearls Before Swine character RAT
Turning point? HINGE
Permissible LICIT
Movie preview TEASER
Fix a hot dog? SPAY
Ming of the NBA YAO
___-Flo (liquid starch brand) STA
Golf’s Ballesteros SEVE
Literary collections ANAS
Process ore SMELT
Alley ___ OOP
Dept of Labor branch OSHA
Lena of Havana OLIN
They may be wild or rolled OATS
Prefix with scope or gram TELE
Yugoslav town STIP
Type of effect DOMINO
Man but not woman ISLE
Gets bad guys NABS
Give the old heave-ho OUST
Hog feed SLOP
Time zone CST
Framed (2 wds) SETUP
For the Boys subj USO
Genesis brother ESAU
Sound from a mad cat HISS
Napoleon’s sister ELISA
Law degrees LLBS
He wrote Petite Ville ANET
Move as a plant REPOT
It’s bigger than a quiz TEST

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