Crossword Champ Pro June 30 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro June 30 2022 Answers:

Those to Jose: ESOS
Kind of instinct GUT
Same Time Next Year actor ALDA
River near Paris OISE
California’s Big ___ SUR
Neeson of Schindler’s List LIAM
Ingrained as of ideas DEEPROOTED
Brain-teaser RIDDLE
Yoga chants OMS
Sullenly DOURLY
___ Jones’s locker DAVY
Mob Wives star Big ___ ANG
Computer communications (Abbr) IMS
Clerical garment ORALE
Like Gen Tommy Franks RET
Tacks on ADDS
Paul Anka hit DIANA
Mild cigar CLARO
Gone With the Wind actress LEIGH
Electrical power network GRID
___ one’s loins GIRD
Sentry’s attribute ALERTNESS
Suffix with buck AROO
Highest degrees NTHS
Italian emporium ending ERIA
Words with precedent SETA
Liike a downpour TORRENTIAL
Tree found in North America Europe and China plural ELMS
Wii forerunner for short NES
Not difficult EASY
Remembrance of things past RECALL
Tropical American lizard ANOLE
Horrify APPAL
It has a 30-min writing skills section PSAT
Literary lioness ELSA
Permanents informal PERMS
Periodical attachment? PAPERCLIP
Map abbr RTE
Links numbers PARS
It helps a cat keep its balance TAIL
Challenge DEFY
Jimjams briefly DTS
Ho-hum DRAB
Adrien of cosmetics ARPEL
Actor whose breakout role was on TV’s 21 Jump Street DEPP
Little green man? ALIEN
Tabula ___ RASA
Spring planting area ROSEGARDEN
Order request ASAP
Mother hen’s summons PEEP
Memory morsel BYTE
The Braves on scoreboards ATL
Original broadcaster of Doctor Who and Torchwood BBC
Leeds’s river AIRE
Melvin who was called The King of Torts BELLI
Eavesdropping org NSA
Aromatic herb BASIL
Dry white wine from Italy SOAVE
Show appreciation for the actors CLAP
Group of ants ARMY
Amenhotep’s god ATEN
Plum relative SLOE
Lend ___ ANEAR
Word with water or fountain SODA
Fr saints (Abbr) STES
Like some waves and basins TIDAL
Make a bow TIE
Racetrack fence RAIL
Waste allowance TRET
Galsworthy heroine IRENE
Bacchanalian bash ORGY
Women and Love author HITE
Giant author Ferber EDNA
__-la-la OOH
Software offering abbr SAAS

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