Crossword Champ Pro June 27 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro June 27 2022 Answers:

Meadow sounds BAAS
Battle of Chattanooga name BRAGG
Blood channel AORTA
Fear of great heights ACROPHOBIA
Cousin of calypso SKA
Sweetsops ATAS
Assisted AIDED
Sound from a horn TOOT
Mob Wives star Big ___ ANG
Respectful Bombay title SRI
Inordinate desire LUST
Movie dog ASTA
Unsurpassed BEST
Stone ROCK
Kind of column IONIC
Type of cottage CAPECOD
Old Irish oath ARRA
Overbearing types DOGMATISTS
Ft Worth campus TCU
Old Pontiac GTO
Assembled MET
Patches up spandex MENDS
Something a scanner scans in brief UPC
Make lace TAT
Like some front teeth GAPPED
Pen ___ (friend who writes back to you) PAL
Small intestine part ILEUM
___ Believer (Monkees hit) IMA
The Thin ___ MAN
Chinese dynasty name HAN
One might run Lion or Leopard IMAC
Sound from the dog pound ARF
One may be tarnished or upheld REPUTATION
What Humpty Dumpty did FELL
Reprimand SCOLD
AARP members SRS
Caffeine source often COLA
Cold war winner NATO
Yearbook entries NEES
Word div SYL
Take away without the owner’s consent ROB
Established SET
Figure with a major and minor axis ELLIPSE
Crete mountain IDA
Comparable to a beet? ASRED
Dryer sheet thickness PLY
Skirt opening SLIT
Spigot TAP
Mother of Apollo LETO
Wool weight TOD
Cranium SKULL
Kit ___ bar KAT
Favorable bond rating AAA
Scientology guru ___ Hubbard LRON
Double-crosser RAT
Worked PLIED
Bigger than med LGE
Flower girl’s scatterings PETALS
Jetties PIERS
Used a bait LURED
Scuffle SETTO
Anesthetic used as an animal tranquilizer PCP
Quarry PREY
Waxy covering of the upper beak of some birds CERE
Norms PARS
Location finder (Abbr) GPS
Half-brother of Tom Sawyer SID
Suez Crisis weapon STEN
Night on which 60 Minutes TUE
Land-selling profession (2 wds) REALESTATE
Mil transport LST
Boxer known for his rope-a-dope technique ALI
Malicious talk DIRT
Printer spec DPI
Makes mistakes ERRS
Conger hunter EELER
His output is verse and verse POET
Tues vis-a -vis Wed YEST
Rackets DINS
European intro INDO

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