Crossword Champ Pro June 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro June 24 2022 Answers:

Healing skin lesion SCAB
Loose woman SLUT
Mystery writer John Dickson ___ CARR
Military employee AIDEDECAMP
Force or strength preceder BRUTE
Jerk in Yiddish SHMO
___ d’oeuvres HORS
Italian educator MONTESSORI
WWII agency inits OPA
Louisville Slugger BAT
Uncouth BOOR
Yours on the Left Bank ATOI
Quality of voice TONE
Hideaway LAIR
Knock for ___ ALOOP
Foil maker ALCOA
Winnebago relative OTOE
Fish contained in unadon EEL
Language which gave us the word calico URDU
Blackmore title character LORNADOONE
Fins collectively DORSA
Waste allowance TRET
___ la vie CEST
Architectural projection ORIEL
Test-driver’s car DEMO
Real estate listings (Abbr) MLS
Screw the pooch for short ERR
Flagmaker Betsy ____ ROSS
180 degrees from WNW ESE
Pomp and Circumstance composer ELGAR
French explorer La ___ SALLE
____ Cruces LAS
It replaced CQD SOS
High-ranking USN official ADM
Water down perhaps ADULTERATE
Harry Potter’s nemesis Malfoy DRACO
Parson’s place MANSE
Shoestrings LACES
Cruiseship data (Abbr) EDA
Prophetess of Greek myth CASSANDRA
Fruit drink ADE
Fed hush-hush group NSA
Happy GLAD
Extinct birds DODOS
Slap on DAUB
___ pan Chinese abacus SUAN
Degree place ALMAMATER
Outboard MOTOR
After-bath sprinkles TALCS
Pot ingredient? THC
Dem’s foe REP
Away from the office OUT
I in Innsbruck ICH
Refs’ decisions CALLS
Bathwater temperature tester TOE
Cable channel inits TBS
Tiptop ACME
Waterloo Bridge painter MONET
TV teaser PROMO
Western time PST
Zuckerman Unbound novelist ROTH
Earthen pot OLLA
Naval post? MAST
Pickle flavoring DILL
___ the buzzer INAT
Swedish actress Olin LENA
Little ___ ORNO
Turner and others NATS
The heavens to Atlas ONUS
Energy collector SOLARPANEL
Fix at a predetermined level PEG
Curry extra NAAN
Sums (Abbr) TTLS
Panaches ELANS
Surprising words from Shakespeare? ETTU
Ring toss item? HAT
___ life! GETA
Tender Mercies actress Harper TESS

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