Crossword Champ Pro August 7 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Pro August 7 2022 Answers:

Theologian’s subj REL
Branches RAMI
Mendes and Peron EVAS
Inevitable failure LOSTCAUSE
Golf’s Ballesteros SEVE
College frat SAE
Fed watchdog created by Nixon EPA
___ Mehta Indian writer VED
Less taxing EASIER
Abbr on a key ALT
Music and dance are two ARTS
Guiding principle LAW
Lemon Tree singer Lopez TRINI
Macao money AVOS
1944 battle site STLO
What the princess felt in her bed APEA
___ avis RARA
Figure skater’s jump AXEL
Places for colors MASTHEADS
Maintained KEPTUP
Gone with ___ Wind THE
Cordage fiber ISTLE
State Farm’s business (abbr) INS
Roulette bet NOIR
National Endowment for the Humanities NEH
Winter woe FLU
Cry from Homer Simpson DOH
Search engine marketing ingredient for short SEO
Ruffle the feathers RILE
Concerning kidneys RENAL
Simile words ASA
Cobras ASPS
Editor’s mark CARET
Monroe follower DOCTRINE
100 yrs briefly CEN
Zero goals to soccer commentators NIL
Wall support STUD
Accomplish in the Bible DOEST
Not him HER
Removes suds RINSES
Agitated UPSET
Julius’s two little dying words ETTU
Appear SEEM
Money in Monterrey PESOS
Army enlisted inits SPC
Gauze NET
50-50 eg TIE
Starbucks order LATTE
Prepares a cup STEEPS
Marquis de ___ SADE
Frozen Wasser EIS
Some upperclassmen (abbr) SRS
Miller product LITE
Disperses SCATTERS
It helps produce a kitty TOMCAT
Cubs slugger Sammy SOSA
Main ingredient in pirates’ grog RUM
Ninth in a series (abbr) SEPT
Payroll ID SSN
Discordia’s Greek counterpart ERIS
Swimming places POOLS
Windows forerunner DOS
What high spirits and eagles do SOAR
‘___ extra cost to you” ATNO
Box office sign SRO
Religious sch SEM
Hemmed SEWN
Rodeo wrestling match participant STEER
Beginning for while once ERST
Pro follower RATA
Mythical queen of Thebes NIOBE
Meadow sound BAA
Prophetess of Greek myth CASSANDRA
Therapists’ org APA
Knight’s title SIR
Carrier to Stockholm SAS
Deli side SLAW
Capital of Samoa APIA
Unseat or dethrone OUST
___ Quentin SAN
Open-house org PTA

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