Crossword Champ Pro August 6 2022 Answers

If you are searching for: Crossword Champ Pro August 6 2022 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Crossword Champ Pro August 6 2022 Answers:

Order to Fido SIT
Synagogue SHUL
Column style DORIC
Fungal skin disease TINEA
High-ranking USN official ADM
Take willingly ACCEPT
Ike’s inits DDE
Range units (Abbr) MTS
‘___ Rosenkavalier” (Strauss) DER
Planet of the Apes planet EARTH
Spanish king REY
Plane capt’s announcement ETA
Make clear EVINCE
Heavy weights TONS
Part of a Latin conjugation lesson AMAT
___ polloi HOI
Summer hrs in Kansas CDT
Emirates for short UAE
Pink Panther actor Herbert LOM
Not needed
Cousin of a bittern EGRET
Sargasso eg SEA
___ vez más (over again: Sp) UNA
Loyal subject LIEGE
Time zone (Abbr) EDT
New Orleans’ clock setting CST
Find fault pettily CARP
Raw fish SASHIMI
Transparent like some pantyhose SHEER
Sacred bird of ancient Egypt IBIS
Sixth-day creation MAN
Use acid ETCH
Army rate (Abbr) CPL
Sheriff’s star BADGE
Celtic underworld god GWYN
Poet evers EERS
Kind of rhythmicity LILT
Tire swing support perhaps LIMB
Believe __ __ Not! ITOR
Tardy arriver LATECOMER
Quick look PEEP
Period of time ERA
Sacred fig tree of India PIPAL
Stupefied INAWE
Aeta ITA
Small reading glasses CLERICS
Tribe CLAN
Community bldg CTR
Odin’s bellicose son TYR
Psycho setting MOTEL
Dutch city NW of Arnhem EDE
Absorbed RAPT
Corrals PENS
House coat PAINT
Netherlands city BREDA
Old Irish oath ARRA
Proportions RATIOS
New York’s ___ Park CENTRAL
Has a go at TRIES
Cooktop RANGE
NBC’s rival ABC
River isles AITS
On a scale of one ___ TOTEN
Inscribed pillar STELA
Life story in brief BIO
Flexed BENT
Russian skater Kulik ILIA
Spiritual leader’s abbr RAB
Govt debt TNOTE
Perry Mason creator ___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Ship wood ELM
Substitute in baseball PINCHHITTER
Scoreboard postings: Abbr PTS
___ and cheese HAM
Cholesterol abbr HDL
Never in Nuremburg NIE
Lamb TEG
Big deal ADO
Building wing ELL
What a steamroller flattens TAR
Nautical reading SSE
Library science degree MLS
Dundee denial NAE

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