Crossword Champ Premium September 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium September 24 2022 Answers:

We ___ (convenience store sign) CARD
Like Antarctica ARID
Second-longest river in Iberia EBRO
Trompe l’___ OEIL
Ordained WROTE
Bern’s river AARE
Lightweight helmet in India TOPEE
OK town ENID
Abbott and Costello eg TEAM
More arid DRIER
Groove RUT
Reposed LAIN
Analogy words ISTO
Makes sense ADDSUP
Irish seaport SLIGO
Actress Scala GIA
Statistician’s tool TTEST
Sealy competitor SERTA
Small wooded hollow DINGLE
Praise for the kings GREAT
Greek coin LEPTA
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Bean often used to make falafel FAVA
Beau Brummells FOPS
‘Don’t have __ man!” ACOW
Moving vehicles VANS
Sign up for another tour REUP
Flowery adornment LEI
Monk parrot LORO
Hash house sign EATS
Bitsy beginning ITSY
Basketball’s destination HOOP
A la ___ (ordered separately) CARTE
Winter garment COAT
Circus performer maybe
A potent beginning OMNI
All __ (1967 Temptations hit) INEED
Dog bowl bits ORTS
Overturn UPEND
Zip-a-Dee-Doo- ___ DAH
____a island of Circe in the Odyssey AEAE
Like a busybody NOSY
Former allowance for weight TRET
Big mushroom producer in brief NTEST
Scatter seeds around SOW
Painful fit THROE
Ancient Greek coin six to the drachma OBOL
Wandered idly MOONED
Negative replies NOES
Coup d’___ (takeover) ETAT
Garage band’s tape DEMO
Sign of past trauma SCAR
Actress Thompson of Family SADA
Costa del ___ SOL
Isley Brothers classic SHOUT
Pizzazz OOMPH
Recluse LONER
Stogie CIGAR
201 to Caesar CCI
Suffix with Lincoln IANA
Destination of the disgruntled?
Irritated incessantly ATEAT
Recover back REDEEM
Fledgling’s sound PEEP
Million followers AIRES
One ___: kids’ ball game OCAT
Kind of verb (Abbr) IRREG
Synthetic substitute for natural rubber used by the US during WWll GRS
Mo when Libra starts SEPT
Dixie-style bread PONE
London gallery TATE
Compass middle pts between south and west SWS
Padlock adjuncts HASPS
Hybrid form of exercise ___-bo TAE

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