Crossword Champ Premium September 23 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium September 23 2022 Answers:

Fraternal patriotic org SAR
Dandruff SCURF
Noted Chilean pianist ARRAU
First name in daytime TV REGIS
Central position MIDST
Dallas cager informally MAV
What’s ___ for me? INIT
Sports replay term SLOMO
Weatherspoon of the WNBA TERESA
Girls youth org (abbr) GSA
Exits GOES
Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot for two SIRS
First name in Notre Dame coaching ARA
Street ___ (urban rep) CRED
Writer of The Promise
See 46 Across ANILE
Bete-___ NOIR
Capital and largest city of Mongolia URGA
Eye protector VISOR
(Manuscript written in Old Frisian: ___ Linda Book) OERA
Drizzles RAINS
Chi-town team SOX
(What ___ is it?) TIME
CIA predecessor OSS
Nuclear ___ FUSION
(Fish catching materials) NETS
Beat (out) NOSED
Antiquity in antiquity ELD
Put into action EXERT
Abbey or Tobacco ROAD
Pinkerton of security ALLAN
‘Don’t have __ man!” ACOW
Short cotton fiber NOIL
To every thing there is a season Bible bk ECCL
Go on a fast break? EAT
Young alpaca CRIA
Disgraceful men CADS
Pedicure focus TOES
Singe SEAR
Home design DECOR
BP takers RNS
Shrinking Soviet sea ARAL
Wise ones SAGES
Big first for a baby STEP
Ocean movements TIDES
Orch Section STR
Shoot! SPRIG
Piercing tools AWLS
Helpers briefly ASSTS
Hunting expedition SAFARI
Backward AREAR
Pirate’s approving word ARR
___ housing TRACT
Medical conditions COMAS
Copy edits PROOFS
Being broadcast on radio (hyph) ONAIR
Prepare fish FILET
Beats it SCATS
Singer Bandy MOE
‘Serpico” author Peter MAAS
Ear-related OTIC
Liver by the Loire? FOIE
Lake ___ home of Presque Isle ERIE
Like Old Norse writing RUNIC
Little in Lockerbie SMA
Leonardo’s love AMORE
(Col___aw) ESL
Simba’s mate in The Lion King NALA
Knightly wear MAIL
Indian queens RANIS
Nutritionist’s recommendation DIET
Camera operator’s org ASC
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Dan ISSEL
ACLU focus RTS

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