Crossword Champ Premium October 6 2022 Answers

If you are searching for: Crossword Champ Premium October 6 2022 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Crossword Champ Premium October 6 2022 Answers:

Medical care organization (abbr) HMO
Actor Tom HULCE
Big drawer? MECCA
Explorer Johnson OSA
Division signs in ancient manuscripts OBELI
Daniel of Nicaragua ORTEGA
Rum cakes BABAS
Hydroxyl compound ENOL
(Yarn fibers) LINT
Say again RESTATE
(Display screens) LCDS
Gave a false impression LEDON
Farmer’s harvest CROP
Chaos: m___ ESS
Center of a cathedral NAVE
Phe___non: incident NOME
Bakery worker ICER
Indigenous Canadian INUIT
Greg Evans comic strip LUANN
Carbohydrate ending OSE
Prominent part of an aardvark SNOUT
Classic violin STRAD
Accident scene figs EMTS
Govt agents GMEN
Roger of Nicholas Nickleby REES
Actress ___ Dawn Chong RAE
Bi- + one TRI
Summer cooler ADE
Frock wearer FRIAR
City named for a Duwamish chief SEATTLE
Daughter of Hekzebiah Hawkins SADIE
Poet Allen and actress TATES
Precarious perches perhaps LIMBS
Fashion monthly ELLE
Bruce Springsteen’s group
Deserve by one’s efforts EARN
Pintail duck SMEE
Meant ___ TOBE
King Canute was one DANE
Suffix with mob STER
Tints HUES
‘Witness” actor Lukas HAAS
Rehearsed a piece through from start to finish in theater lingo RANIT
Was (Lat) ERAT
___traz: rocky island in California ALCA
Steakhouse selection TBONE
Puzzle solver’s happy shout DONE
___ording to me ACC
One unlikely to punk out
Bow movement aid ROSIN
Stop ___ dime ONA
Popeye Deadeye et al SEADOGS
Mends as socks DARNS
One of the Wilson sisters of rock’s Heart ANN
Sharp-tack connection ASA
___te: go round ROTA
Tears down in the UK RASES
Pizza maker OVEN
Macromolecule associated with genes DNA
Big name in rodent control DCON
New York City’s ___ Galerie NEUE
Expressions of creative skill and imagination ARTS
They hold babies UTERI
Title 54-Across of film ULEE
Rolaids rival TUMS
Dines EATS
Musical theme TEMA
Boston or Chicago eg BAND
Be bedridden AIL
Mine in France AMOI
Sum up again READD
WWW programming code HTML
Veep airer HBO
Country singer ____ McEntire REBA
Popular puzzle acid AMNIO
Tony-winning Neuwirth BEBE
Not e’en once NEER
Weighed down LADEN
CIA predecessor OSS

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