Crossword Champ Premium November 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium November 24 2022 Answers:

Tropical plant EDDO
Albany’s canal ERIE
Small boat DORY
Take a risk DARE
How many medicines are given ORALLY
Variety of type PICA
Major-leaguers PROS
Am ___ France? IIN
Came to an end CEASED
Big coverage provider AFLAC
Costa ___ Sol DEL
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Quod ___: something to demonstrate ERAT
Communication with a magazine (abbr) LTTE
Lion’s bellow ROAR
Short and quick BRIEF
___ one’s time BIDE
Put in order SORT
(Coiled shape) SPIRAL
Not reasonable IRRATIONAL
Cause for overtime TIE
Terrific in slang PHAT
Pupil protectors EYELIDS
Tutu fabric TULLE
Spike in production? LEE
Come again RECUR
Tear the wrapping off RIPOPEN
Aussie greeting GDAY
Get the picture GRASP
Surface-to-bottom distance DEPTH
Unable to retreat or escape ATBAY
Vicious of The Sex Pistols SID
Paycheck (Abbr) SAL
Praises greatly LAUDS
‘That’s ___ nonsense!” UTTER
Wild Asian dog DHOLE
Asian mountain animal SEROW
In post-career mode: Abbr RET
Call on TAP
Hybrid form of exercise ___-bo TAE
___ King’s Men ALLTHE
Broadcast AIR
LAPD advisory APB
Heat unit CALORIE
Category CLASS
Marina Del _ California REY
High rocky hill TOR
Mainstay STAPLE
Two dimensional PLANAR
Price of each thing PER
Out of the Blue group for short ELO
Classes PHYLA
Algerian governor DEY
Out of fashion DEMODE
Pub drink BREW
Bread and cake makers BAKERS
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
SpongeBob features PORES
Health payment option abbr HSA
Dan Blocker’s Bonanza role HOSS
Cry for assistance SOS
Window above a door TRANSOM
Gait faster than a walk TROT
Shafts RODS
Maple genus ACER
Shelf prop or a hint to both parts of the answers to the six starred clues BOOKEND
Slant BIAS
Greek god of love EROS
Rips off NIMS
D D D D and another D DEES
Almond ___ (candy) ROCA
It takes turns making dinner ROTISSERIE
(Six-point football plays abbr) TDS
Baltic tributary ODER
Taro roots EDDAS
(Home of The Colosseum) ROME
Dungeons & Dragons game TSR
Congress meeting (abbr) SESS
Sound of a leak SSSS

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