Crossword Champ Premium November 23 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium November 23 2022 Answers:

Leafy fund? HEDGE
Greek woman who was a social climber HETAERA
Graceful ELEGANT
(Movie maker (abbr)) DIR
Wow-producing look GLAM
After ant or man EATER
Serf (Middle Ages) HELOT
Believed HELD
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Well ___-di-dah! LAH
Something Rihanna and Madonna each have ONENAME
Ranting speeches TIRADES
Samson’s nemesis DELILAH
Possible response to Huh-uh! DIDSO
Famous woman of Troy HELEN
Relating to the occurrence of an increased amount of dark skin pigmentation MELANIC
(Sea cow) MANATEE
First known asteroid CERES
Say again ITERATE
Like the gang in song ALLHERE
Nobelist Hammarskjold DAG
Gates of philanthropy MELINDA
Name on a shirt IZOD
GRF’s choice for VP NAR
Chair SEAT
Sesame Street watcher TOT
Iran’s ___ Shah Pahlavi REZA
Like some beds MADE
Old Russian space station MIR
Believe it __! ORNOT
Tennessee player TITAN
__ a chance! NOT
French tourist destination NIMES
Foch and Simone NINAS
Storage room ATTIC
Mississippi time zone CST
Longs for DESIRES
Serious’ in text messages often SRS
Dungeons & Dragons game TSR
Competitive lifestyle of wealth and power (2 wds) RATRACE
White-tailed bird ERN
(Vessels filled with candies) PINATAS
Lamentations PLAINTS
Like contraband ILLEGAL
Scottish form of no NAE
Hindu titles of respect SRIS
Garments worn by the Ganges SARIS
Play with robots RUR
Trouble getting started INERTIA
Preachers’ targets SINNERS
The A of E A Poe ALLAN
Book of maps ATLAS
Prefix meaning 3 TRI
Commercial prefix with -gram or -matic INSTA
Longtime hair lightener brand SUNIN
Long time follower (2 wds) NOSEE
A __ of Two Cities TALE
Slippery site RINK
Deborah and Graham KERRS
Nevada’s Biggest little city in the world RENO
Stretch out LIE
Water holders GLASSES
Overindulge GLUT
Old money LIRE
Japanese wrestling SUMO
Nurses (Abbr) RNS
Sweet and well-behaved ANGELIC
Greek e ETA
Board member TRUSTEE
Turf layer’s supply SOD
Upright height STATURE
Clothes cabinet ARMOIRE
Something to write on with chalk SLATE
They may be kept behind bars SODAS

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