Crossword Champ Premium November 22 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium November 22 2022 Answers:

Fab Four drummer RINGO
Take another shot RETRY
Electronic messages EMAILS
Some summer babies LEOS
Existing things ENTITIES
That is ___ TOSAY
Letters between Q and U RST
Spok___an: representative ESM
Taj ___ MAHAL
Major ___ DOMO
USN officers LTS
Lighthearted pursuits LARKS
Winds onto a reel SPOOLS
Didn’t think you’d be here OHHI
Actor Neeson LIAM
Dehydrated SERE
Endymion poet KEATS
Some male dolls KENS
Setting for The Quiet Man EIRE
Take ___ (catch some Z’s) ANAP
Big laughs HAHAS
Tin Man’s desire HEART
Scurry HIE
One in Berlin EINS
Drew on TV CAREY
Kramer or Topper COSMO
Start of a whaler’s cry THAR
Give it a shot TRY
Eye problem STYE
Essayist ELIA
Agcy for retirees SSA
Mountain lake TARN
Canards LIES
Hummus holder PITA
Mill output PAPER
Checkout units ITEMS
You look good enough ___ TOEAT
Textile designer and printmaker Albers ANNI
Sugar or starch CARB
Fancy and stylish CLASSY
Company that bought Time Warner AOL
Impolite RUDE
Marque BRAND
___ Jacinto SAN
Small crustaceans SHRIMPS
Playground comeback ARETOO
Response to the Little Red Hen NOTI
Hit like ___ of bricks ATON
Look sullen LOUR
Politico Perot HROSS
Girl (Sp) SRE
Methodology (abbr) SYS
Heavy hammer part PEEN
Crimes & Misderneanor actor ALDA
Powerful DC lobby NRA
___ dot POLKA
Guitar or lute picks PLECTRA
Stubborn dirt GRIME
Sandpaper component GLUE
Flower parts SEPALS
Possible OMG! follow-up SRSLY
Shiny fabric SATEEN
Anagram of 16-across REMI
___ my case IREST
Sigma follower TAU
Weapon bazo___ OKA
Division signs in ancient manuscripts OBELI
Couric of Today KATIE
Ottoman generals AGHAS
Extremely loyal HARDCORE
Owns HAS
Puerto Rico is on it year-round for short AST
This in Tijuana ESTA
Lipton unit TEABAG
Eve’s son ABEL
Cravat ASCOT
___ quam videri (North Carolina’s motto) ESSE
Neighbor of Leb and Isr SYR
Little Women woman BETH

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