Crossword Champ Premium June 30 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium June 30 2022 Answers:

Walked into the water WADED
Blue dye WOAD
Having the means ABLE
Shoppers’ mecca
Wallach of The Tiger Makes Out ELI
Unsettling noise DIN
Some hotels for short SROS
Eyeball covering SCLERA
Tells fortunes in a way
At some earlier time ONCE
‘Femme canonisee” for short STE
Agreement PACT
Lamentation PLAINT
Certain weapons
Rooster at the store CAPON
Across prefix TRANS
Division signs in ancient manuscripts OBELI
Piece of a buck CENT
Perjurer LIAR
Deli counter cheese brand ALPINELACE
‘The Island of the Day Before” author ECO
Harp in Florence ARPA
Traffic-stopping org DEA
Formally surrender CEDE
(Peg for mountaineers) PITON
Robert Galbraith and J K Rowling PENNAMES
Chopper parts ROTORS
Trompe l’___ OEIL
Fine drawer features TENONS
The Wizard of Menlo Park monogram TAE
Marius the Epicurean author PATER
Terrific in slang PHAT
First-class AONE
City plundered and burned by Sherman’s army 1864 ATLANTA
Finance abbreviation used for duration of last year LTM
Simpson to Marge HOMIE
Amenhotep’s solar disk ATEN
Possessive pronoun OUR
Even-steven TIED
(Blackthorn fruit) SLOE
Give extreme unction to ANELE
Supply with ammo ARM
A saturated hydrocarbon ANE
___ showers bring May flowers APRIL
Things on other things PILE
Perfect rating TEN
Chihuahua child NINO
Neighbor of Leb ISR
Obsolete repro MIMEO
Afternoon services? TEASETS
Always poetically ETERNE
Beethoven work in E flat SEPTET
Suppress ELIDE
Doing time INSTIR
Apple computers IMACS
Rule for a sorority house after dark? NOMEN
Stops’ existing CEASES
__ recall ASI
Traveler’s stop MOTEL
Kills as bugs ZAPS
Grey of westerns ZANE
The queen as a subject? SHE
___ Christian Andersen HANS
Language that gave us smithereens ERSE
Cupid EROS
End of the comment PARTICULAR
Animal enclosure PEN
Dot follower COM
Thurman of Batman & Robin UMA
Geneva research ctr CERN
Momo author Michael ENDE
Harbingers OMENS
Snick and ___ SNEE
Home composed of twigs NEST
Shot for those who have mastered English? MASSE

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