Crossword Champ Premium June 27 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium June 27 2022 Answers:

Pretentious ARTSY
View from a pew maybe APSE
Rice-A-___ RONI
Early way to hear hits
Final parts of operas STRETTI
Haute couture inits YSL
___-Seltzer (brand of antacid) ALKA
Fill with horror APPAL
The path can lead to this
Prefix with plunk or plop KER
Fitting APT
Pound sounds ARFS
Measure for Measure villain ANGELO
Fireplace smoke escapes through them FLUES
Cold shower? SLEET
Passages for gas steam etc PORTS
Quick furtive peek PEEP
Coach Chuck NOLL
Problem for a comb SNARL
Separate PART
Paste GLUE
Mozart’s ___ kleine Nachtmusik EINE
Professor’s assts TAS
1960s chess champ Mikhail TAL
Hair goop GELEE
Spanish merchant ships of old GALLEONS
Cautious movement STEALTH
They’re full of beans EATERIES
Old time infirmary SPITAL
Graf ___ SPEE
Operatic soprano PONS
Deodorant type ROLLON
___d: pig fat LAR
Take as a given POSIT
Transfer paper design DECAL
Carpentry grooves DADOS
Force unit GEE
Appraiser EYER
It in Rome ESSA
‘The Lord of the Rings” creature ENT
Sign of a changed sheet ERASURE
Sprinted RAN
Methodology (abbr) SYS
___ Beso ESO
(___h: edible root) RADIS
Bellefleur author OATES
Sweet girl of song ADELINE
Thick-skinned herbivores RHINOS
Acting insincerely HOKING
Bewitched role ENDORA
Problem letter for lispers ESS
Severe pang THROE
Peter and Paul TSARS
Silk fabric HONAN
Nine-time presidential contender of the 1940s-’90s STASSEN
Strong liquors var ARAKS
Enjoys the tub SOAKS
Mexicans roll them ARS
Skywalker’s sister LEIA
‘Winnie ___ Pu” ILLE
Feels poorly AILS
Beyonce Me Myself ___ ANDI
Mrs Chaplin OONA
Be indebted OWE
Porridge ingredient OAT
Dwarf warrior in The Lord of the Rings GIMLI
Deprive by deceit GIP
Dance that may affect the weather RAIN
Really bad in slang WACK
Collectively INALL
Slang for kiss SNOG
Quebec seasons ETES

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