Crossword Champ Premium June 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium June 24 2022 Answers:

Vine-stock in Champagne CEP
Truman’s state MISSOURI
Exemplar of masculinity MANSMAN
Taconite eg IRONORE
Burj Khalifa’s home: Abbr UAE
Maximally ATMOST
What some pitches are ADS
Not unlike a ballet dancer SLENDER
Most laconic TERSEST
Cunning ART
Coupled PAIRED
Rel holiday EASTER
‘Winnie ___ Pu” ILLE
Negatives NORS
Depleted SPENT
Many Frozen-inspired Halloween costumes ELSAS
Bleachers feature TIER
Long-billed bird SNIPE
Untamed or wild: f___ ERAL
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Fishing perhaps ASEA
Ones with a lot of down time? MOPERS
Chicago to Miami dir SSE
Pontiac muscle cars of yore GTOS
Neighbor of Que ONT
Chemical ending IDE
Omni and Spectrum ARENAS
Hawaiian goose NENE
Super Mario Bros console for short NES
Miss in Madrid (abbr) SRTA
2000 Richard Gere title role DRT
E-mail item MESSAGE
Tiny toiler ANT
Cooped (up) PENT
Position on issues STANCE
Stranded genetic stuff RNA
Semicircular recess APSE
Billed to be SOLDAS
(Two-wheeled drawn vehicles) CARTS
Sacred scrolls TORAHS
You might pick one up in a bar TAB
Sheep sound BLEAT
Annoying sorts PAINS
Not only that ALSO
Expression of greeting: var HALLO
Possess to Burns HAE
Uneaten morsel ORT
Suffix with Lincoln IANA
Brown (meat) quickly SEAR
Changes ALTERS
Clan group SECT
Film (Abbr) NEG
Hoof-on-pavement sound CLOP
Drink for the overly critical HATERADE
Co with the slogan We move the world DHL
Transaction with a bookie BET
European food fish BRILL
Scandinavia’s largest airline (abbr) SAS
Words that sting SARCASM
Longtime grandmotherly General Hospital actress ANNALEE
Exodus author URIS
Poison tree UPAS
Agent (Abbr) REP
Set up (var) INSTAL
Be a thief in the dugout?
Cruelty SADISM
Hissing sound SSS
Looking down ATOP
___ Lama DALAI
Home of Monument Circle
Surveyed SCANNED

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