Crossword Champ Premium January 15 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium January 15 2022 Answers:

One ___: kids’ ball game 4 Letters OCAT
Photo(W___tcoat) 3 Letters AIS
Pubs 4 Letters INNS
Drink 6 Letters IMBIBE
Opposite of paleo- 3 Letters NEO
Utmost degree 3 Letters NTH
HBO rival 3 Letters SHO
They do it often in Vegas 4 Letters DEAL
Liquid 5 Letters FLUID
Amount or quantity of a medicine 4 Letters DOSE
___ lab 4 Letters METH
Photo(Protein-rich bean) 4 Letters SOYA
___-Japanese War 5 Letters RUSSO
Unconventional and hippielike informally 4 Letters BOHO
Mediocre grades 4 Letters CEES
Trick ending3 Letters ERY
Indian title of respect (Mr) 3 Letters SRI
What’s left in Le Mans 5 Letters RESTE
Take weapons from 6 Letters DISARM
in excelsis ___ 3 Letters DEO
Ltd relative 3 Letters INC
Hollywood hopeful 7 Letters STARLET
Not a serf 8 Letters FREEBORN
Andy Capp’s wife 3 Letters FLO
Rouse again 6 Letters REWAKE
Dragonflies 7 Letters ODONATA
Stool pigeon 3 Letters RAT
Compass pt 3 Letters NNE
Contest effort 5 Letters ENTRY
Photo(Impulse transmitter) 5 Letters NERVE
Whisper sweet nothings 3 Letters COO
___ Verde National Park 4 Letters MESA
Citi Field players 4 Letters METS
Smudge 4 Letters BLOT
Pre-AD 3 Letters BCE
Escape 3 Letters LAM
Uncover poetically 3 Letters OPE
More anile 5 Letters OLDER
Italian river 3 Letters LAO
Degree of a dentist (abbr) 3 Letters DDS
Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-___ 4 Letters TAVI
Light bluish-green color: j___ 3 Letters ADE
Letters on some remotes 3 Letters VOL
Tax agency (abbr) 3 Letters IRS
Guitarist’s fastening device 4 Letters CAPO
Fox comedy series 5 Letters MADTV
Bad smell 4 Letters ODOR
Part of EMS: Abbr 4 Letters EMER
___-Seltzer (brand of antacid) 4 Letters ALKA
He is p__ssive about her 4 Letters OSSE
Much spam 3 Letters ADS
Elec units 4 Letters RELS
Denebola’s constellation 3 Letters LEO
Singer Starr 3 Letters KAY
With separate menu prices 8 Letters ALACARTE
It in Rome 4 Letters ESSA
Violinist Zimbalist 5 Letters EFREM
Slattern 4 Letters SLUS
Prefix with pend or pension 3 Letters SUS
Am not rebuttal 5 Letters ARESO
Distinctive ambiences: au___ 3 Letters RAE
Novelist John ___ Passos 3 Letters DOS
write down 6 Letters NOTATE
Bass for one 3 Letters ALE
Attractiveness 6 Letters ALLURE
Portable covered chair 5 Letters SEDAN
Screw up 6 Letters BLOWIT
High school class for short 3 Letters BIO
___ Wed (2007 Erica Durance movie) 3 Letters IME
Taxonomic suffix 3 Letters OTE
Eliminate more squeaks 5 Letters REOIL
City on the Penobscot 5 Letters ORONO
You make ___ cup of coffee! 5 Letters AMEAN
Provoker 8 Letters AGITATOR
1960s chess champ Mikhail 3 Letters TAL
James Clavell best seller ___-Pan 3 Letters TAI
Prince Valiant’s son 3 Letters ARN
Golden Globe winner for The Wrestler 6 Letters ROURKE
Very cool 3 Letters RAD
Greek earth goddess: Var 4 Letters GAIA
Hairy Addams Family cousin 3 Letters ITT
Sailor’s yes 3 Letters AYE
Part of a pie chart 6 Letters SECTOR
Simple song 5 Letters DITTY
Future spouse informally 8 Letters INTENDED
Banish to Hades 4 Letters DOOM

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