Crossword Champ Premium January 14 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium January 14 2022 Answers:

Close 4 Letters SHUT
Pet lovers’ org 4 Letters SPCA
Photo(Storm in X-men ___ Berry) 5 Letters HALLE
Foreign relief org created by JFK 5 Letters USAID
Life insurance plan 7 Letters TONTINE
Yale or Root 5 Letters ELIHU
Incites 6 Letters EGGSON
The Merry Widow composer 5 Letters LEHAR
Single artifact 4 Letters ITEM
Weeding tools 4 Letters HOES
Little ___ 3 Letters UNS
Snare ___ 4 Letters DRUM
Finds repugnant 7 Letters DETESTS
Singer Bonnie 5 Letters RAITT
breathe such vows as lovers ___ swear (Shak) 5 Letters USETO
Subatomic particle 5 Letters MESON
El ___ Texas city 4 Letters PASO
Board 5 Letters GETON
Tranquillity 4 Letters EASE
Hatfields eg 4 Letters CLAN
Certain clarified butters 5 Letters GHEES
No-win situations? 4 Letters TIES
Landed 4 Letters ALIT
Wal-Mart wholesale club 4 Letters SAMS
Brief but vigorous fight 5 Letters SETTO
Dead ____ Scrolls 3 Letters SEA
New York Times employee 6 Letters EDITOR
Soap family name 4 Letters TATE
American photographer Edward 6 Letters WESTON
Cried 4 Letters WEPT
A Bobbsey twin 3 Letters NAN
You look good enough ___ 5 Letters TOEAT
Lollygag 5 Letters TARRY
Mouths or openings 4 Letters ORAS
Not yet fulfilled 5 Letters UNMET
Website address 3 Letters URL
Public welfare org 3 Letters NGO
Time zone 3 Letters MST
Acronym for an outdoor fantasy game 4 Letters LARP
Emulated Pinocchio 4 Letters LIED
Blue books? 4 Letters SMUT
Actress ___ Farrow 3 Letters MIA
Battleship letters 3 Letters USS
Have down ___ science 3 Letters TOA
NFL positions: Abbr 3 Letters RGS
Too many to count 7 Letters EMIRATE
French miss (abbr) 4 Letters MLLE
Scat queen Fitzgerald 4 Letters ELLA
One-on-one basketball play slangily 3 Letters ISO
Globular water bottle used in Asia 4 Letters LOTA
Memory loss 7 Letters AMNESIA
Warm scarves: muff___ 4 Letters LERS
Capital where trains provide oxygen masks 5 Letters LHASA
Advantage for a hockey team 7 Letters HOMEICE
Long past its heyday 5 Letters MOLDY
Over poetically 3 Letters OER
Day-___ paint 3 Letters GLO
Kind of cracker 6 Letters GRAHAM
1919 George Gershwin composition 6 Letters SWANEE
Small aperture 5 Letters STOMA
How I Play Golf author 5 Letters WOODS
It knocked Newton’s noggin 5 Letters APPLE
Metric unit of weight 6 Letters GRAMME
Persona non ___ 5 Letters GRATA
Manufacturer 5 Letters MAKER
‘Miss ___ Boys” (1997) 5 Letters EVERS
Fields persona 5 Letters TOPER
___ the Explorer 4 Letters DORA
Oration station 4 Letters DAIS
Leavings 4 Letters ORTS
Where an icicle may hang 4 Letters EAVE
Italian noble family 4 Letters ESTE
Error report? 4 Letters OOPS
The Terminator character Connor 5 Letters SARAH
Resort 3 Letters SPA
Some dollars 4 Letters IKES
The year 1551 4 Letters MDLI
Brightly colored bird 5 Letters PITTA
Musical performance: con___ 4 Letters CERT
Offshore and then some 4 Letters ASEA
State of India 5 Letters ASSAM
Scottish Gaelic 4 Letters ERSE

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