Crossword Champ Premium August 6 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Premium August 6 2022 Answers:

___ pin pick it up SEEA
Adventure’s end? SILENTE
Hangs around LOITERS
Eye problem IRITIS
Lackey’s response IMONIT
Rapper with the 1995 hit I Wish SKEELO
Disinclined LOATH
Battlestar Galactica commander ADAMA
Promo pro ADMAN
Revered person IDOL
Nee Al (anagram) ANELE
Mixture of soluble salts ALKALI
Stakes ANTES
Signify DENOTE
Inside opening? ENTO
Car or cant ending EEN
Water: Fr EAU
Slight quarrel TIFF
Netman Nastase ILIE
(Shrill flute) FIFE
Saturated substances FATS
Demeanor or manner MIEN
Musical group NONET
Venezuelan export OIL
Lamb alias ELIA
Mythical king of the Huns ATLI
Baron eg TITLE
Falling-out result RIFT
Vlad’s no NYET
High explosive TNT
Finance abbreviation used for duration of last year LTM
Mexican cloak PONCHO
She had a single-season stint on The View ODONNELL
Of a more pinkish color ROSIER
About 2% of the Hope Diamond ONECARAT
Scrutinize carefully SCAN
Jockey strap REIN
Lose momentum SLOW
Six-Day War hero DAYAN
The Last of the Mohicans girl CORA
Field Marshal Rommel ERWIN
Open ___ of worms ACAN
Quiet people are often introv___ ERTS
Blow hole? NOSTRIL
Tried to get hold of RANG
(Row of bushes) HEDGE
Olympic skating gold-medalist WITT
Lecture rooms HALLS
Disinfectant ingredient CRESOL
Related on one side ENATIC
___-chef SOUS
Low beams DIMMERS
Persistent critic RAILER
Today rival briefly GMA
Rice-A-___ RONI
OK Corral lawman EARP
Municipality in France SION
Hot springs SPA
Threw saliva SPAT
Backbone related SPINAL
Best friend of Thomas the Tank Engine PERCY
Warsaw or Munich eg PACT
See ya in Hawaii ALOHA
Bibliographic info AUTH
Part of a joint TENON
Totally baked LOCO
Bare-bones bed COT
True inner self ANIMA
Toodle-oo! TATA
Brazilian soccer legend PELE
Wimple wearer NUN
___ my dad would say ORAS
___ Hulka (Stripes role) SGT
Hip-hop’s Kendrick ___ LAMAR
Merciless IRON
Collections of literary snippets ANAS
Some non-dairy sticks OLEOS
Gets the point of SEES

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