Crossword Champ Daily September 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily September 24 2022 Answers:

Units of money in Bulgaria LEVA
Take a powder LAM
Marshall Plan agcy ECA
Abbr for a software edition VER
First word of the 1988 song Kokomo ARUBA
Criticizes RAPS
Hammerstein’s partner RODGERS
Mail letters APO
Rainbow making glass PRISM
The way we word SYNTAX
Dashboard abbr RPM
Misleading tactic RUSE
South Pacific boat PROA
Stole material MINK
PC vendor ACER
Grand Ole __ OPRY
Geller of mind games URI
Merchant ship in Tokyo MARU
Up to DOIN
Scion SON
Microbe BUG
Play for a fool USE
Run of luck STREAK
Nothing in Nantes RIEN
Devalue or degrade DEBASE
Salvador ___ (Mustachioed artist) DALI
Seat of Oklahoma’s Garfield County ENID
Reply to Come stai? BENE
Spring time in Paris MAI
Scottish singleton ANE
Ending for hatch or brew ERY
Sure’ cowboy-style YEP
Adapted to the desert XERIC
Pair on the scale REMI
Drove up the wall IRED
Teeth on a wheel COGS
Member of The Mod Squad LINC
Notorious Colombia drug cartel CALI
Kind of IRA SEP
Drink like hard cider PERRIES
Emperor who ordered his mother killed NERO
Perfect in its conception IDEAL
Dormant LATENT
Anatomical foot PES
What did your mother ___? SAY
(Actress Ryan from Sleepless in Seattle) MEG
Latvia coin equal to 100 santims LAT
Low card THREE
Rafting thrill RAPIDS
(Windproof jacket) PARKA
Crudely chipped flint EOLITH
At one time once ERST
___ tens hundreds ONES
Musical constellation LYRA
Scandinavian rug RYA
Letters formerly after Al D’Amato’s name RNY
About ERNI
Compass point NORTHWEST
Take in a paper READ
Star Trek extra: Abbr ENS
Everything’s fine! AOK
Drying-out woe for short DTS
Rev address SER
Endangered goose of Hawaii NENE
Shoelace problem KNOT
Airport security org (abbr) TSA
Some souvenirs TEES
Wants in payment ASKS

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