Crossword Champ Daily September 23 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily September 23 2022 Answers:

Neat anagram ANET
Last-call request ONEMORE
___tance ___aster DIS
Gender SEX
Quite a lot ONEACRE
Make a hole with a shovel DIG
Buggy for Brits PRAM
President follower PROTEM
One worthy of imitation ROLEMODEL
Persons who estimate rating (plural) RATERS
Handy communication skill for short ASL
Art style DECO
Billy goat’s bleat MAA
Judge Lovato on The X Factor DEMI
Tarzan creator’s monogram ERB
Dalai Lama for example NEPALESE
Latino media award ALMA
Debussy piece ETUDE
1988 Olympic marathon winner Mota ROSA
Notes in Guido’s scale ELAS
Protection against wet weather RAINCOAT
Virginia willow’s genus ITEA
___ cannot be! NOIT
One may be worn with a kilt TAM
Pot over a fire OLLA
Trojan ally in the Iliad ARES
Breakfast staple: t___t OAS
Cry softly PULE
Low-cal word LITE
Cops’ hangouts (abbr) PDS
Clipper’s horizontal rope RATLINE
Angers IRES
Midstreet maneuver UIE
French novelist Pierre ___ LOTI
Messengers COURIERS
Weighed down LADEN
Dac___ (robber) OIT
Cat- ___ -tails ONINE
One for Fritz EIN
Specialty flier TESTPILOT
(NFL positions) RGS
Oar-powered warships TRIREMES
Dry as wine SEC
Defeats mightily ROUTS
Last name in fashion DIOR
Num___l: number related ERICA
Fair feature RIDE
(Lily plants with bell-shaped flowers) SEGOS
Carrier p___ons were trained to carry messages over long distances IGE
Collectors’ goals SETS
They precede automnes ETES
White House advisory grp NSC
All right you beat me ILOST
Aviation prefix AER
From ___ Z (full gamut) ATO
Cow in Colombia VACA
Chorus-line opener TRA
Twice zwei VIER
Sash in Memoirs of a Geisha OBI
Crane in Rio EMA

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