Crossword Champ Daily November 28 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily November 28 2022 Answers:

Lake in Netherlands MEER
Rural rtes RDS
Come about TRANSPIRE
Beer mug STEIN
Rare but life-threatening bacterial infection TSS
Hampshire’s home STY
Potato sack wt maybe TENLB
Exhausted SPENT
Pelican protrusion BEAK
To be at the Louvre ETRE
Recorded a show so as to watch it later TAPED
Easy runs TROTS
Eagle’s nest on a high branch AERIE
City maps PLATS
Site for crafty sorts ETSY
Late-game pitcher RELIEVER
What R might indicate VIOLENCE
Classical Whoopee! EVOE
Extinguish RASE
Type of collection ART
Navigation acronym LORAN
(Indigenous northern Scandinavians) LAPPS
Majoli of tennis IVA
Don’t give up KEEPATIT
Satirical imitation PARODY
Whispers sweet nothings COOS
Effects used to create some superheroes CGI
Receses APSES
Utter elation GLEE
Knifelike SHARP
Polio vaccine developer SALK
Listen HEAR
River in Bulgaria ARDA
Musical gift EAR
Ledger entries: Abbr AMTS
Ragtime author’s monogram ELD
Dislike aversion DISTASTE
Ethereal AERY
Lady HER
Cape Town’s home (abbr) RSA
If only ___ listened HED
Alternative to ja NEIN
TV chef Martin ___ YAN
I didn’t think I had it ___ INME
Period before a Jewish holiday EREB
Wallach of The Tiger Makes Out ELI
European black thrush MERL
Tortilla flour MASA
20-20 for example TIE
Bird over the waves TERN
Type of industry AEROSPACE
(Bakery product) PIE
(Life of Pi director) ANG
Bill and ___ COO
Refusals NOS
Mercedes-Benz sports car models SLS
Alan Diane or Cheryl LADD
Are you ___ not? INOR
Twin Ronnie or Reggie of London crime KRAY
Designer von Furstenberg EGON
Sci-fi invaders ETS

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