Crossword Champ Daily June 30 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily June 30 2022 Answers:

Visionaries SEERS
Govt loan org SBA
Highchair feature TRAY
Stomach for short TUM
Surface especially an open unoccupied piece of ground AREA
Over old way OER
China’s Chou En-___ LAI
Flight approximation time (abbr) ETD
Sp woman (Abbr) SRE
Window feature SILL
Reagan aide Nofziger LYN
Sugar for Irish whiskey DEMERARA
(Ringing tool) BELL
They’re not up SLEEPERS
Next in line? HEIR
Riding horses ARABS
Alfonso XIII’s queen ENA
Prefix with valent AMBI
Twee instruments KES
Having the most precipitation RAINIEST
Op-ed piece ESSAY
Concerning ASFOR
Soho noggin EAD
Business organization (abbr) CORP
When doubled a dance CHA
Beethoven work in E flat SEPTET
Suffix in sports drink names ADE
Thorax protector RIB
Evil one FIEND
Suspends DEFERS
Adhesive used to make things watertight SEALANT
Hard to deal with pitch FASTONE
Chocolat Lena of OLIN
(Greek goddess the sister of Ares) ERIS
Dust remover RAG
(Move a spoon round and round) STIR
Check holder: Abbr ENV
Sonnets and such VERSE
Neighbor of Va TENN
Grade 9 – 12 institutes (abbr) HSS
Former Cub slugger SOSA
Gossipy NEWSY
Swaggering walk STRUT
Francisco and Paulo SAOS
Place of con confinement PRISON
Tie up BIND
Honshu river OTA
Try to track SEEK
Bronte’s Jane EYRE
Souvenir shop stock TEES
Miss Hawkins of Dogpatch SADIE
Let go FREE
O Sole ___ MIO
Sicilian erupter ETNA
Leaf through READ
Look at EYE
Hood member HOMEGIRL
Further cut lumber RESAW
Computer reseller for short OEM
His or her in French SES
Google Maps abbr RTE
Show fallibility ERR

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