Crossword Champ Daily June 27 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily June 27 2022 Answers:

Tom Hayden’s 60’s org SDS
Lose traction SKID
Famous explorer DORA
City on the Wei old style SIAN
___ visit (called on) PAIDA
Inquires PRIES
Suffix for a belief system ISM
University VIP DEAN
Hauling team ASSES
Aug coolers ACS
Some missiles AIRTOAIR
Young alpaca CRIA
Christmas tree topper STAR
Colorful carp KOI
Gets promoted RISES
NYC subway line since 1904 IRT
Lyrical Gershwin IRA
My Friend and La Douce IRMAS
Creek RIA
Salome for one DANCER
One used to serve the another’s purposes CATSPAW
Honey source NECTAR
Oh sure that could really happen! ASIF
Evil one FIEND
Canals between Huron and Superior SOO
It’s the truth FACT
Fourth parts in series of eight FAS
Shoemaker’s puncher AWL
Evergreen FIR
Trattoria dish RIGATONI
Zip nothing NADA
Genetic code DNA
Shareholders mtng AGM
Cobbling tools AWLS
Strand on an island? LEI
Make a ringing sound TING
Sharp rebuke SLAP
USA language (abbr) ENG
Syria once ARAM
Skye cap TAM
French Revolution radical MARAT
Bunuel collaborator DALI
Face wrinkles LINES
Islamic opinion FATWAH
Pre-med course: Abbr ANAT
Possesses in the Bible HATH
Harder to see TINIER
Lodges INNS
Some are inflated EGOS
Decays ROTS
Wheel of Fortune purchase ANE
Chemical element RADON
ER toe tag DOA
Public body not a part of the government structure NGO
Zipped file format RAR
Do penance ATONE
People who live in glass houses should ___ throw stones at others NOT
Many Star Trek extras for short ETS
Massenet opera THAIS
Sound of air leaking SSS

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