Crossword Champ Daily June 24 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily June 24 2022 Answers:

Yahoo! competitor AOL
Make ___ (taunt someone) AFAT
Cockney’s equine ORSE
Listens with one’s eyes LIPREADS
Type of service LIP
Like some treated lawns LIMED
Road for Romulus ITER
Course standard PAR
___ to worry NOT
__ Lake Minn NETT
ESPN sportscaster Hershiser OREL
Crooner ____ Bennett TONY
Weekend eve for short FRI
Stressed type for short ITALS
Bandaged LIGATED
Roman burial stone STELA
Ending for ranch ERO
Snake with an upturned snout (symbol of royalty in old Egypt) ASP
Roman ‘X’ TEN
Not as long-winded TERSER
Standing out prominently SALIENT
In a way that’s not harsh GENTLY
Convention handout NAMETAG
Soho noggin EAD
Casa chamber SALA
Fathered SIRED
Airline since 1948 ELAL
High note ELA
Word with Gatos or Altos LOS
It’s found in eggs VITAMINE
Hateful criticism VITRIOL
Compass point NORTHWEST
Either of two books of the Apocrypha (abbr) ESD
Italian city on the River Adda LODI
Intense rage and anger IRE
Coastal raptors ERNS
Declared with conviction ASSERTED
Stands on two feet REARS
Pigeon-___ TOED
Egghead NERD
Mateo or Simeon SAN
Everyone has five ___s SENSE
Swim-up bar drink MAITAI
2 Live Crew ___ Horny MESO
Antiquing agent AGER
Infinitesimal amount IOTA
Originates BEGINS
Casket platform BIER
Fictional sub captain NEMO
Move through the mire SLOG
I problem EGO
The Kiss’ creator RODIN
I shoulda known that DUH
Animation frame CEL
On easy street SET
Large numbers SLUES
I love (Lat) AMO
Pray to Publius ORA
Dom Of Otto HRE
Camp seat maybe LOG

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