Crossword Champ Daily June 23 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily June 23 2022 Answers:

Buoyant: ___oat AFL
Sacred Memphis bull APIS
College house FRAT
Be deprived of LOSE
Audibly astonished AGASP
Femme f___: Sharp and beautiful woman ATALE
EU language GER
Scottish singleton ANE
Planted SOWN
The soul PNEUMA
Company boss CEO
Verge EDGE
Chooses an action OPTS
___ bono publico (legal term) PRO
Half a dovetail joint TENON
Computer use (abbr) EDP
B___: prejudice IAS
___ down hearted? AREWE
Abbr that can follow master or staff SGT
Great buy STEAL
Lovingly in music AMOROSO
Cares for NURSES
Renaissance painter RAPHAEL
Administer with out METE
Suspense author Hoag TAMI
Mefistofele soprano ELENA
Mall directory image MAP
Giovanna d’___ (Verdi opera) ARCO
Balance provider ATM
Cape Town’s home (abbr) RSA
Like some stomachs CASTIRON
(American gangster boss of the Chicago Outfit (2 wds)) ALCAPONE
Hurry up! CMON
Abbr for someone with only two names NMI
Wide shoe marking EEE
Bygone autocrat TSAR
Hebrew letter MEM
Main Web page HOME
15th Century Florentine School artist MASOLINO
1993 Anne Rice novel LASHER
That’s ___ and you know it! ALIE
Airport security company TSA
Initial stake ANTE
Ski lifts for towing two people TBARS
Slothful OTIOSE
A oiseau lays it OEUF
South Asian buzzard TESA
Alleviate EASE
Point-blank BLUNT
___ testing (part of the beta stage) USER
Political cartoonist Thomas NAST
Affectedly dainty to Brits TWEE
At all times in verse EER
Nigerian HAUSA
Tony-winning Hagen UTA
School term (Abbr) SEM
Wood-cutting tool SAW
GI entertainers USO
Organic compound used in perfumery ESTER
Native suffix ESE
Ardent devotee FAN
Pile of paper sheets (plural) REAMS
AAA idea RTE

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