Crossword Champ Daily January 15 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily January 15 2022 Answers:

Photo(Dug up or thinned out earth with a gardening tool with a thin metal blade) 4 Letters HOED
Clue 4 Letters HINT
Repeated interjection in the Rolling Stones’ Miss You 4 Letters OOOH
Scot for one 4 Letters CELT
Clock setting inits 3 Letters DST
Popular gift for a man 3 Letters TIE
Mother of Helios 4 Letters THEA
Unexpendable 13 Letters
Poetic contraction 3 Letters EEN
Shape in a way 3 Letters HEW
Man with an ax 5 Letters HEWER
One who makes do 4 Letters EKER
Pilar cysts 4 Letters WENS
Hornets will vic___ly attack anyone who bothers their nest 4 Letters IOUS
Dom Of Otto 3 Letters HRE
Managed with out 4 Letters EKED
Appended: a___d 3 Letters DDE
Hemisphere starter 8 Letters NORTHERN
Mins and mins 3 Letters HRS
Make one’s way 4 Letters WEND
Tai people of Tonkin 3 Letters THO
Actress ___ Dawn Chong 3 Letters RAE
Short but not sweet of few words 5 Letters TERSE
Skipjack perhaps 4 Letters TUNA
Infected tissue fluid 3 Letters PUS
Photo(Coffee container) 3 Letters URN
Plea to tea hostess 4 Letters POUR
Regatta propellers 4 Letters OARS
Latin anagram for rite 4 Letters ITER
In need of a doctor 3 Letters ILL
Excessively 6 Letters OVERLY
Leave nothing to chance 4 Letters PLAN
Ivory soap ad word 4 Letters PURE
Real-life connection service (abbr) 3 Letters SNS
Time for a mammoth feast? 8 Letters STONEAGE
New (prefix) 3 Letters NEO
Collector’s goal 3 Letters SET
What FDIC provides 13 Letters
Battering wind 4 Letters GALE
Gun rights advocates (abbr) 3 Letters NRA
Cohort of Boris and Bela 3 Letters LON
Curved paths of the circle 4 Letters ARCS
Tooth part 4 Letters ROOT
On the calm side 4 Letters ALEE
Drupelets 5 Letters ACINI
Little Men One of Alcott’s 3 Letters DAN
Press for payment 3 Letters DUN
Do part of a modern pentathlon 5 Letters FENCE
Scarecrow to Batman 3 Letters FOE
Conclusion in Germany 4 Letters ENDE
Evergreen Asian tree 4 Letters NEEM
Tempe campus for short 3 Letters ASU
National sport of Japan 4 Letters SUMO
Bewitch someone: m___erize 3 Letters ESM
Thinks he’s better than everyone else 4 Letters SNOB
___ Helens (abbr) 4 Letters MTST
The ___ Love 4 Letters ONEI
Bountiful 8 Letters ABUNDANT
Dog registry org 3 Letters AKC
Most fishes are cold-bloo___ 3 Letters DED
Where Adam and Eve lived 4 Letters EDEN
Airline to Amsterdam 3 Letters KLM
Inflatable things 4 Letters EGOS
Beatles label once 3 Letters EMI
Corporate VIP 3 Letters CEO
Credit card bills eg 4 Letters DEBT

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